About Us

We are a multifandom group of reporters dedicated to providing all K-pop fans with fresh, fun and factual news about their favorite groups and idols. We created this community in order to help K-pop fans from all over the world keep up with their favorites in a place that is both user-friendly and free from excessive drama and negativity that is sometimes associated with K-pop. Our aim is to not only keep you in the K-pop loop that is sometimes hard to navigate on your own, but to give you a chance to join our community by communicating with us and other stans, both in the comments sections of all our articles and on our various social media pages. 

Why “TheStandom”?

Back in 2000 when Eminem coined the word “stan”, this term had a not so great connotation. Almost 20 years later, pop culture, and especially Twitter, helped change the meaning of the word from a stalkery fan to a dedicated, loud and proud, shout-it-from-the-rooftops kind of fan. That’s exactly what we are and who we want to attract to our page. If you found yourself in this description, stick around. We’re sure you’re going to like it here.