AB6IX Aiming For October Comeback

AB6IX are getting ready for their first comeback and the teasing has already begun!

After successfully wrapping up their “1ST ABNEW” fan meeting tour in Bangkok on August 31, the boys took to V LIVE to hang out with the fans… And give spoilers for their upcoming comeback!?

Detective ABNEW noticed the members repeating certain suspicious phrases involving the world love, such as “blinded by love” or “blind with love”, “love air”, “love u”, etc. There was also random talk about dandelions, the sunset, and “my deep place”. But what does it all mean?🧐

Considering the new hair colors the members have had since KCON LA, the reveal of their official lightstick, as well as recent not-so-secret industry information, AB6IX’s comeback may happen in early October.

Therefore, make sure to keep an eye out for first official teasers! What kind of concept are you hoping for?

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