AB6IX Announce Comeback Date + Schedule

On September 19 (at 6 pm KST), AB6IX finally announced their official comeback date: October 7! Check out the full schedule in their Twitter post.

We now finally know that 6IXENSE will be their first full album and we could not be more excited!

Yesterday’s teasers already intrigued us so much, so the expectations are high for the concept photos that will start coming out in just four days.

In addition, here is a fun fact for you, ABNEW: the American horror drama The Sixth Sense was released on September 18, 1999 – the same date as the first “6IXENSE” teasers – and even the running time (107 minutes) coincides with AB6IX’s comeback date! Goosebumps, right?

This was a busy day for AB6IX and ABNEW, as the Korea Scout Federation appointed the boys as goodwill ambassadors today as well! More on that here.

Make sure to stay tuned for our AB6IX Comeback Countdown, which starts on Monday, September 23😉

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