AB6IX Appointed As Ambassadors For Korea Scout Federation

On September 19, AB6IX officially became the public relations (PR) ambassadors for the Korea Scout Federation. The ceremony during which they were appointed took place this afternoon at the KSF headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul.

Naver reports the following statement by the AB6IX members:

We have always wanted to experience scouting activities and we are happy to become KSF’s PR ambassadors. We’ll work hard to make the Federation more known and for people to think of scouts whenever they see AB6IX.

The boys soon took to social media to share the good news! Firstly, they published these group photos from the ceremony itself, with the caption: “It’s great news that AB6IX has been appointed as (PR ambassador for) Korea Scout Federation❗❗ ABNEW, we’ll show more cool side of us in the future too!🥰”

Later, Daehwi posted a couple of cute selfies on Instagram and wrote: “Fighting #KoreaScoutFederation❤️💙”.

Congratulations to AB6IX on this honor!

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