AB6IX Are Blind For Your Love In Comeback MV + Press Conference Recap

ABNEW, the day has finally come!

On October 7 at 6 pm KST, AB6IX have made their first comeback with their full-length album 6IXENSE.

Check out their gorgeous music video for the title track “BLIND FOR LOVE” right here!

AB6IX never disappoint, do they? “Blind For Love” is a catchy deep house track, that is the perfect continuation of “Breathe”. The chorus is already stuck in our heads! The vocal line and the rap line came through and the visuals are absolutely blinding.

The group’s first LP 6IXENSE, featuring 11 new songs, is now available on Melon, Flo, Soribada, Genie, and other streaming services, including Spotify:

These monster rookies are already trending at No. 1 on the Melon realtime chart…

…and 6IXENSE has sold over 33,000 copies on Hanteo, surpassing their previous record for the first day of sales with B:COMPLETE, which was 30,094. Congratulations to the boys!


Q: How do you feel about releasing your first LP so soon after debut?

DAEHWI: It’s impossible not to feel pressure when you’re releasing a full album just five months after debut. It’s not easy to release a regular album these days. Even though it’s a big gift for the fans, and for us as well, the reason why it came out this fast is because we want to give them more good music.
DONGHYUN: Since I have been writing many songs, I had a lot of opportunities to talk about music with the members, and it seems that we have a wide musical spectrum that we want to show our fans. It was hard work, but we are happy to release the album so quickly.

Q: You’ve recently worked with Lizzo on a remix of her song. Are there any other artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

YOUNGMIN: I want to to collaborate with lots of artists. However, since I am a rapper, I’d really like to meet a rapper. As a fan of Drake, I wish to work with him in the future.
DAEHWI: For me, it would be an honor to collaborate with Anne Marie, as a big fan of her.
WOONG: Among Korean artists, I want to work with Paul Kim on one of his fall/winter ballads.

Q: After charting on Billboard Social 50, what are your thoughts on the attention you have been getting overseas?

DAEHWI: Billboard has been our dream even since we were trainees and we’re thankful that we are given a lot of attention overseas. We haven’t had the chance to debut in America or in Europe. We think that we should establish ourselves in Korea first, but if they call us, we will go.

Q: Any plans for a world tour?

YOUNGMIN: We are planning on how we can show good sides of us through various promotions. We have got a good opportunity, so, yes, a world tour is also currently being discussed.

(Source: News1)

Finally, make sure to tune into AB6IX’s showcase, starting at 8 pm KST on V LIVE!

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