AB6IX Collaborate With Lizzo

On September 24, BrandNew Music announced that their rookie boy group AB6IX has been featured on the track “Truth Hurts” by the American singer, songwriter and all-rounder Lizzo!

This exclusive remix dropped at noon KST today!

It’s like two worlds colliding, right? “Truth Hurts” is Lizzo’s 2017 single that just recently became a hit and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Now, the “100% that bitch” is teaming up with the K-pop rookie sensation for a remix version.

The combination of Lizzo’s voice and AB6IX’s bright vocal line – especially Daehwi – is already amazing, but add to that Youngmin’s and Woojin’s rap verses and you got a fire track! Have a listen here:

ABNEW, how did you like this unexpected collab?

Remember that AB6IX’s first LP is coming soon, so make sure to check our Comeback Countdown for daily updates🧐

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