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The first LP 6IXENSE is coming soon! Stay tuned for daily updates~
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D-1 (October 6)

There may not be any teasers today, but we do have some exciting news.

AB6IX have made their debut at No. 30 on the Billboard Social 50 chart! You can read more about it on the link below.

This is a huge accomplishment for a rookie group that hasn’t even released their full album yet!

Congratulations to AB6IX๐ŸŽ‰

D-2 (October 5)

AB6IX’s final teaser for “Blind For Love” is out now!

Today, we got a glimpse of their new choreography in the following video:

The first thing we noticed is that this choreo includes a lot of backup dancers, which only makes the boys stand out even more. Their white suits look amazing against the dancers’ black outfits and our only hope is that they perform like this on the music shows.

ABNEW, we hope you are ready because there’s only two days left until AB6IX’s comeback! Stay tuned for the release of the “Blind For Love” MV and the 6IXENSE album on October 7 at 6 pm KST.

D-3 (October 4)

AB6IX have just shared their second MV teaser for “Blind For Love”

When the boys said that they were blind for love, they really meant it! In the short video we can see the members, bar Daehwi, wearing blindfolds. It just sparks our curiosity even more and we can’t wait to see the MV storyline!

The teaser also gives us a glimpse of the new choreography and even though it’s just a few seconds, it already makes us look forward to see AB6IX’s first comeback stage on next week’s episode of Mnet’s M Countdown.

Get ready for tomorrow, when more of the choreo will be revealed!

D-4 (October 3)

Moments ago, Mwave announced AB6IX’s comeback stage on next week’s episode of M Countdown and shared this brief introductory video:

The boys greeted the fans and promised to show us both cute and charismatic performance, which probably means that they will also perform some of the B-side tracks on 6IXENSE!


AB6IX just released the 6IXENSE album highlight medley and we can finally get a taste of all 11 songs.

The video also shows behind the scenes clips from their teaser photoshoot and it’s definitely visuals overload.

The album not only brings us songs with strong and energetic beats, such as “Be There” and “Sunset”, but also softer and more romantic melodies in “Pretty” and “Deep Inside”.
We’re already in love with Daehwi’s “Dandelion”! And “Nothing Without You” is bound to make us all cry.
The title track “Blind For Love” has a great groove to it and sounds like the perfect continuation of “Breathe”.
Also, did you notice the rap line going off in “_And Me” and “D.R.E.A.M”?

ABNEW, what do you think your favorite track will be?

D-5 (October 2)

Wow, wow, wow!
The boys just dropped their first music video teaser for “Blind For Love”.

The video might be short, but the choreo and the beat sure are promising! Notice how the light hits Youngmin’s eyes, Woong’s hand, Donghyun’s ear, Daehwi’s mouth, and Woojin’s nose? The five senses are here!

Also, the boys know exactly what they’re doing to us with those close-ups right before the video ends… Amazing, right?

Fans are already praising producer Daehwi all over Twitter and we cannot wait to hear his work!

Stay tuned for updates because the group will release the album preview as soon as tomorrow.

D-6 (October 1)

Finally, we got the full tracklist of AB6IX’s first full album!

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The first thing we noticed is that at least one member contributed to the lyrics of each song on the list and it just raised our expectations for the boys’ first album even more. We can’t wait to hear what kind of personal experiences they included in the lyrics, and if we were to judge by the names of the songs, it varies from love songs such as “Love Air” to more introspective tracks like “Shadow” or “Deep Inside”.

The first track on the list is called “Be There” and both Woojin and Youngmin contributed to the lyrics. The two rappers also joined Daehwi to write “Dandelion” and they also helped him finish the lyrics of the title song “Blind For Love”.

The boys must have gotten really inspired lately as they also came up with the lyrics for “Sunset” and “Love Air” all by themselves. Youngmin and Woojin also wrote “Shadow” and contributed to “D.R.E.A.M”, while Donghyun joined them to write “_And Me”, “Pretty” and “Deep Inside”.

Finally, Daehwi is credited for the last song: “Nothing Without You”.

You might think that all this info is great, but wait, we’ve got more news for you!

Apart from writing lyrics, AB6IX members also honed their composing skills.

Daehwi helped compose a total of five tracks: “Blind For Love”, “Dandelion”, “Sunset”, “Love Air” and “Nothing Without You”. Donghyun followed his lead with “_And Me”, “Pretty” and “Deep Inside”, while the leader Youngmin partly composed “Shadow”.

ABNEW, what do you think about the new songs? We sure expect a lot after getting a clearer idea of how much the boys participated in the making of the album ๐Ÿ˜

D-7 (September 30)

After a short break, AB6IX uploaded the cover artwork of their upcoming album today!

The boys are looking all fancy and cool in this black and white photo, which was shot in Los Angeles this summer. BTW, did you notice Woojin’s Christian Dior shirt? An expensive comeback is coming our way, it seems…

Apart from them being models, we can see the orange symbols that represent AB6IX’s logo floating in the air.

Earlier today, the group also shared these photos along with a showcase notice. AB6IX’s comeback showcase will be held at the Kyhunghee University Grand Peace Palace in Seoul.
The official lightstick preorders finished on September 9 and now the lucky fans to attend the showcase will be able to buy their lightsticks in the venue itself.

D-9 (September 28)

AB6IX just dropped their first group teasers.

We were a little bit disappointed by the fact that the fourth outdoorsy concept photo is missing today, but the boys’ breathtaking visuals helped us cope.

Whoever styled their hair deserves a raise, don’t you think so, ABNEW? Those black suits had us on the floor…

The album release is still nine days away, but presales are going strong. 6IXENSE is already at the top spot on Ktown4u‘s daily chart, ahead of some serious competition!

AB6IX won’t release any teasers tomorrow, but they will share the online cover artwork on Monday, so stay tuned for updates!

Meanwhile, the boys are currently en route to Bangkok for KCON Thailand. Are you excited to see what they have in store?

D-10 (September 27)

Ladies and gentlemen, Jeon Woong is finally here! He is the final member to be introduced in individual concept photos.

That lilac hair was made for him!

ABNEW, remember the five senses concept theory we wrote about yesterday? Well, it has been proven correct!

As the fifth member, Woong is depicting the sense of touch. He is lightly touching the statue in the first photo, and the orbs in the second one.
Notice how he is the only member who is not hiding or touching a part of his face with his hand.

With all that in mind, could 6IXENSE represent the five members (five senses) and ABNEW who come together to form the sixth sense? We’ll find out soon enough.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

Dโ€“11 (September 26)

Donghyun attacked us hard with his soul-piercing gaze in four new concept photos!

Can we talk about how well he pulls off this blue hair!?

In addition, ABNEW, we have a theory for you!

As AB6IX’s first LP is titled 6IXSENSE and based on the concept photos that have been revealed so far, each member might represent one of the five senses.

On Monday, we got Youngmin‘s teaser photos. In the second photo, he’s covering his eye with the ball he’s holding in his hand. This might represent the sense of vision.

Woojin, whose photos dropped the next day, is touching the nose of the statue in the first photo and holding the ball close to his own nose in the second photo. All this points to the sense of smell.

The third batch of photos show Daehwi and here the implications are much clearer. Firstly, we see him covering the mouth of the statue in the first photo and in the second one he puts his hand over his own mouth. Therefore, the maknae might be representing the sense of of taste.

Lastly (so far), Donghyun is seen covering the ears of the statue in today’s photo. He is also slightly touching his ear in the second one, i.e. the sense of hearing.

Tomorrow, we’ll get to see the final batch of individual teasers that, if the theory is correct, should depict Woong and the sense of touch.

Isn’t this genius? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

In addition, we know have all the album details! 6IXENSE will come in two versions: “6IX” and “SENSE”. You can find more details on what each version includes here.

AB6IX’s first full-length album will contain a total of 11 songs, but only seven tracks have been revealed so far:

  1. “Blind For Love” (title track, deep house genre)
  2. “Deep Inside” (composed by Donghyun)
  3. “๊ธฐ๋Œ€ (Be There)” (dubstep hip hop)
  4. “D.R.E.A.M” (rap line unit song)
  5. “Shadow” (composed by Youngmin)
  6. “Nothing Without You” (vocal line unit song)
  7. “๋ฏผ๋“ค๋ ˆ๊ฝƒ (Dandelion)”

Looks like the members really gave away some good spoilers before! Stay tuned for updates on the tracklist and more.

Dโ€“12 (September 25)

ABNEW, today we got four photos of our dearest fairy maknae!

Daehwi is stunning and charismatic as he poses for the cameras. From these photos, you’d never say that he’s actually the youngest member; no sign of our aegyo king here!

We’re getting more and more curious about the comeback and the four different album concepts. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

Dโ€“13 (September 24)

Four new solo concept photos are here, but this time it’s Woojin who is wrecking our bias list.

Isn’t his hairstyle in the third photo superior? Or maybe the second one… It’s impossible to choose. One thing is for sure, “Park Heujin” has not come to play!

It seems that is we will get the light, dark, dreamy, and summery concept photos for all five members and it’s such a visual treat!

We are curious as to whose teasers will be released tomorrow, since the boys are not following the age order. ABNEW, what do you think?

Dโ€“14 (September 23)

It’s the first day of 6IXENSE teasers and AB6IX are starting off strong! Leader Youngmin is the first member to be featured in these beautiful concept photos:

We’re loving his orange brownish hair and all these looks! Each of the four photos fits a different concept; there is light, dark, dreamy, and summery… It’s like four comebacks wrapped in one โ€“ ABNEW are so blessed!

Stick around for more๐Ÿง

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