AB6IX Get First Win For “Blind For Love”

On episode 207 of SBS MTV’s The Show, AB6IX took home the first win for their latest title track “Blind For Love”. This is the rookie group’s third music show win overall, following the two trophies they won for “Breathe” in June โ€“ the first one ever being precisely on The Show just 13 days after their debut.

There was tough competition for first place, as AB6IX were up against ATEEZ and Lovelyz’ Kei, but they ultimately came out on top with a total of 7,810 points.

Check out their comeback stage on today’s episode right here: 

What made this win extra special was the fact that today, October 15, is also Jeon Woong’s 23rd birthday!

However, this is the only celebration Woong will have with the fans for the time being, since the group announced yesterday that they would postpone the release of any content for Jeon Woong’s birthday due to the tragic passing of Sulli.

There was no encore stage on today’s episode of the show and instead the MCs and the artists paid their respects to the late actress and singer.

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