AB6IX Grab Third Win For “Blind For Love” On M Countdown

On October 17, Mnet aired a compilation of performances from KCON Thailand, that took place on September 28 and 29, instead of the regular M Countdown episode. However, the nominees for first place, that included monster rookies ATEEZ and AB6IX, were still announced in the end.

Ultimately, AB6IX snatched their third trophy for “BLIND FOR LOVE”, which marks their fifth music show win overall! This is also the group’s first win on M Countdown. Congratulations to AB6IX and ABNEW!

You can remind yourselves of their KCON Thailand stage on the link. And, since we didn’t get to see the boys perform “BLIND FOR LOVE” today, here is a video of AB6IX’s Show Champion stage for you to enjoy!

The rest of the “KCON WONDERLAND” performances that were broadcast today include:

KCON19TH Day 1 (⟸ check out the videos in our article)

  • “Lit” (ONEUS)
  • “Adios” (EVERGLOW)
  • “Too Busy” (BOY STORY)
  • “I’m So Pretty” (NATURE)
  • Golden Child + NATURE + THE BOYZ special stage
  • “I’m Here For You” (X1)
  • “ICY” (ITZY)
  • “D.D.D” (THE BOYZ)
  • “Genie” (Golden Child)
  • cover stages: “FANCY” (EVERGLOW), “DNA” (ONEUS), “Gashina” (Natty), “Hard Carry” (BOY STORY)
  • “Begin Again” (Kim Jaehwan)
  • “Eclipse” (GOT7);

KCON19TH Day 2 (⟸ check out the videos in our article)

  • ATEEZ’ Hongjoong + (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon + Stray Kids special stage
  • “Sunflower” (IZ*ONE)
  • “Tag Tag Tag” (VERIVERY)
  • “Wave” (ATEEZ)
  • “Dramatic” (BVNDIT)
  • “Flourishing” (Chungha & BVNDIT) + “Snapping” (Chungha)
  • OST stages: “At The End” (Chungha), Paul Kim’s “So Long” (ATEEZ’ Jongho + VERIVERY’s Yeonho + Stray Kids’ Woojin)
  • “Uh-Oh” ((G)-IDLE)
  • “Side Effects” (Stray Kids)
  • “Flash” (X1)
  • “Violeta” (IZ*ONE).
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