[AB6IX] Happy Birthday, Donghyun!🎉


Around 8 p.m. KST, Donghyun finally held a birthday VLive and all AB6IX members made a surprise visit! In case you missed it, here is the full DongDong Day broadcast.

In the beginning, Donghyun shared that the VLive was late because they had attended the company’s BrandNew workshop. He also shared that he liked the shoes Woong got him as a present, but it wasn’t really a surprise because he saw fans talking about it on Twitter after yesterday’s VLive. LOL, you naughty ABNEWs!

Donghyun also mentioned the story about his awkward bus ride to Daejeon for Chuseok holidays that Daehwi told yesterday. Apparently, ISAC was playing on the TV and it was Donghyun’s ssireum part, so he got embarrassed and covered his face with a hat and a mask.😂 During this VLive, he revealed that he had been texting with the members when that happened, and Youngmin replied that he should confidently stand up in front of everyone on the bus and say: “That was me!” We completely agree with AB6IX’s leader, that would’ve made it an even better story!

Later, Donghyun’s fellow members appeared with balloons and a birthday cake! Daehwi did a very soulful rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song and Woojin annoyed his hyung as usual. They stayed with the birthday boy for a few minutes, having fun together and interacting with the fans who tuned in. Make sure to check out that lovely chaos for yourselves on the link above. They even had a cute group hug together in the end!

Afterwards, the members left Donghyun alone once again; except for Woojin, of course, who tried to distract the birthday boy a couple of times. Then Donghyun had Woojin sit next to him, holding up a paper with the disclaimer: “Today is Dongdong’s birthday; X talking”. Genius solution, right?

Finally, Donghyun wrapped up his bday VLive by thanking all ABNEWs who wished him well (he saw his hashtags trending on Twitter!) and giving us all the opportunity to take a screenshot while he poses. Such a sweetheart!

What were your highlights of the “DongDong Day” VLive? Comment down below.

Original article

Today, September 17, the talented Kim Donghyun of AB6IX celebrates his 22nd* birthday!
(*Korean age)

We should all go listen to “Shining Stars” in honor of Our Shining Star’s birthday, don’t you think?

ABNEW, when wishing Donghyun all the best on social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #HAPPY_DONGDONG_DAY. Just 30 minutes past midnight, he is already trending at No. 1 and No. 2 on Twitter in Korea!

While we wait for a birthday VLive or other surprises (stay tuned for updates 👀), enjoy some of the congratulatory posts for Donghyun on Twitter:

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