[AB6IX] Interview with ‘E!’ And Appearance On KTLA News

On August 21, E! Online Asia shared a video of their interview with AB6IX at the “1ST ABNEW” fan meeting tour in Singapore on July 27. The boys talked to interviewer Kim Jeongwon about their debut album and concept, what sets them apart from other K-pop groups, who their influences are, and more! They also took turns to describe one another in one (or two) words. Find out what they said by watching the full interview🤗

In addition, ABNEW in California got to see their faves on state TV last week, as AB6IX were briefly interviewed by KTLA News for their KCON report. “Hollywood” was played in the background, they showed a part of its music video, and Daehwi once again displayed his eloquence speaking in English. Check out the clip below!

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