AB6IX Kicking Off Their First World Tour

UPDATE (December 20)

Following AB6IX’s first two concerts in Seoul on November 8/9, the monster rookies have added 18 more dates to their “6IXENSE” world tour!

The group is bringing their show to 11 countries โ€“ including seven cities in Asia and the United States, as well as four European cities โ€“ in the first half of 2020; from February 21 (the Berlin concert) to April 30 (the concert in L.A.).

Check out all the dates and locations below and the expected setlist here.

ABNEW, are AB6IX coming to a city near you?

Original article

On October 11, the rookie group AB6IX announced their first concert world tour โ€“ “6IXENSE” โ€“ that will be starting with two concerts in Seoul‘s KSPO Dome on November 9 (6 pm KST) and 10 (5 pm KST).

“6IXENSE in Seoul” will include two hours of stunning performances by AB6IX, and tickets go on sale on October 18 at 8 pm, while fan club preorders start earlier: on October 16 at 8 pm.

When Youngmin said a world tour could be happening soon, we did not expect this soon! In fact, some ABNEW are worried that this tour may be too rushed, considering that the group hasn’t had enough music show promotions, as well as appearances on variety and reality shows, to gain a strong fanbase. Not to mention the fact that AB6IX debuted less than 5 months ago!

Let’s see how this goes, though… Stay tuned for future dates to be added to AB6IX’s 1st World Tour “6IXENSE”.

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