AB6IX Perform And Play Games At K-World Festa

On August 20, CELUV TV held a live show from another 2019 K-World Festa event at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. AB6IX were part of the line-up that also included NATURE, ITZY, and Ha Sungwoon.

AB6IX’s adorable and talented maknae Lee Daehwi was one of tonight’s MCs, together with Ha Sungwoon, another ex-member of Wanna One. It was pretty much a reunion between Sungwoon and the boys from AB6IX, as they have known each other since Produce 101 days (minus Woong), and that friendship and familiarity shone through all their interactions.

AB6IX started their part of the show with the debut track “Breathe”, but Woojin still wasn’t fit to dance with the rest of the members on stage. After the performance, it was time for the fan meeting part of the show, during which the boys were interviewed by MC Ha Sungwoon.

Right off the bat, Sungwoon asked about Woojin’s leg, adding how much he misses watching his powerful performance, and Woojin replied that it’s getting better, promising to show more of his cool sides in the future. Then the boys made up six-syllable poems on the spot for the many ABNEWs in the audience. Youngmin was under a lot of pressure going last, and his fellow members did not help when they hyped him up before his turn so much that the crowd started cheering “Lim Youngmin! Lim Youngmin!”😂 However, the leader got through it in the end with a little help from Woojin. Besides that by cute and nervous Youngmin, our favorite poem has to be Donghyun’s, who said: “ABNEW, I love you!” Daehwi later delighted everybody with his set of seven winks – the king of aegyo, obviously.

The MC then mentioned how AB6IX is a group that combines freshness and sexiness and asked each member what’s their “identity crisis”, i.e. duality. The oldest hyung Youngmin talked about the divide between his cute “Bbangmin” image and the sexy “God Zero” side. He tried to convince everybody that he was God Zero today, with his colored lenses, but Woojin shut that down immediately, saying: “You can clearly see that you’re Bbangmin today”, annoying the leader as usual (he’s right, though, Youngmin can never escape his cutie side😊).

Woong talked about the difference between his cute and funny personality as “Woongdoong” vs. what their CEO Rhymer calls his “vague sexiness”. Daehwi’s duality is “Fairy” vs. “Hwi Op” (“Daehwi oppa“), while Woojin can be either Park Gatgi (his cute baby image) or Park Heujin (his sexy image). Park Heujin comes out just sitting down, Woojin says, proceeding to almost unbutton his shirt?! Finally, Donghyun mentioned his cold vs. warm image, i.e. sexy vs. cute, demonstrating both for the screaming fans in the audience.

The next part of the fan meeting was the mission, on which it depended whether AB6IX would get to give presents to the audience. The boys participated in relay drawing, where four of them (Daehwi, Woong, Youngmin, and Donghyun) had to take turns – five seconds each – to express the assigned song in a drawing which the final member had to guess in the end. AB6IX’s teamwork combined with Woojin’s wit came through, as he correctly guessed three out of five (almost indecipherable) drawings, depicting “Rooftop” by N.Flying, “Boy In Luv” by BTS, and “Zimzalabim” by Red Velvet. As a result, some lucky fans received signed balls that the members threw out into the audience!

After chatting to Sungwoon and playing games, AB6IX performed “Shining Stars”, with Woong showing off how well he can hold *that* note. Next, the boys addressed the audience in their ending ment, saying how much fun they had performing and spending time with the fans like this. The final song of AB6IX’s stage was “Hollywood”, followed by incredible screams from the audience. ABNEW were representing tonight!

Did you catch AB6IX on CELUV TV tonight? What was your favorite part of the show?

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