AB6IX Wrap Up First Solo Concert In Seoul

On November 9, AB6IX held their first ever concert “6IXENSE in Seoul” at a packed KSPO Dome. The group performed a total of 16 songs from their first mini album B:COMPLETE and the full album 6IXENSE, and had five solo stages during the two-and-a-half hour show.

There were some familiar faces in the middle of ABNEW’s red ocean tonight. The boys’ Produce 101 friends Yoo Seonho and Park Jihoon were in attendance, as well as comedienne Park Jisun, who hosted AB6IX’s comeback showcase last month.

My hyungs were so cool today!! Next time I’ll also work hard to call your name, so you’d look at me once💕 It was so much fun~~

Tonight’s concert started off with an intro VCR and the opening performance of AB6IX’s pre-debut track “Hollywood”! The crowd went wild from the moment the members appeared on stage in fancy black suits. Youngmin, Woong, Donghyun, and Woojin all dyed their hair: gray, red, black, and light ash blue, respectively. Also – to the joy of many – Woojin’s forehead made an appearance tonight!

The next two songs were “Absolute” and “Be There”, followed by AB6IX’s first hit and debut song: “Breathe”. It’s amazing to think that just six months after debuting with this track, the boys are already performing it at their first solo concert!

Afterwards, they performed “Sunset” for the first time, which features some seriously sexy choreography. The boys’ new outfits – white unbuttoned shirts and black pants – just added to the overall sensual feel of the performance.

But that was only the beginning! Jeon Woong had his solo stage next and turned up the temperature even more with his steamy performance of “Moon Dance”. The man was grinding on the floor, need we say more?

Donghyun changed up the atmosphere with his adorable solo stage, featuring him wearing a pink suit and singing while holding a teddy bear at one point. The title of his song is “More More”.

And then it was time for Daehwi! The maknae delivered a mature and charismatic performance of his solo track “Rose, Scent, Kiss” dressed in all white, accompanied by many backup dancers. At one point, he climbed on the dancers’ backs, looking like he was sitting on his throne. King Daehwi – haters beware.

Afterwards, the entire vocal line (Woong, Donghyun, Daehwi) sang “Nothing Without You” and made everybody emotional with their gorgeous voices. They looked ethereal in all white, each sitting on one of the three huge glowing cubes positioned on the main stage.

Youngmin had his solo stage next, showcasing that AB6IX’s leader can both spit fire with his rap and give a great vocal and dance performance! Lim Youngmin is an all-rounder, let’s not forget that. A part of the choreography for his solo track “End It Well” took place on stairs set up on stage, and it looked amazing.

After Youngmin, it was Woojin’s turn to set the stage on fire. He showed up wearing nothing underneath a black leather jacket, which he took off near the end of the performance, sending fans into a frenzy. Shirtless Woojin full of swag, that’s what ABNEW got tonight. He revealed during a ment that his solo song is called “Color Eye”; both written and choreographed by Woojin himself, and the lyrics talk about how everything looks beautiful when you put on colored glasses.

After that jaw-dropping stage, the rap line (Youngmin and Woojin) came together to perform “D.R.E.A.M”.

AB6IX as a whole returned on stage in all black and see-through (!) shirts to perform “_And Me”, Daehwi’s “Dandelion”, “Deep Inside” (featuring a sleek choreo with black silky handkerchiefs) “Friend Zone”, “Love Air”, “Light Me Up”, and their latest title track, that got them four music show wins, “Blind For Love”!

Then they played the final VCR with the boys encouraging the audience to ask for an encore, after which all five members returned wearing soft hoodies to perform “Dance For Two” and close the concert with Donghyun-produced song all ABNEWs love – “Shining Stars”.

The members also projected handwritten messages for the fans on the big screen, expressing their love and gratitude for all their support, as well as wishes for the future.
Woong got especially emotional during the final speech, as he recalled how he was a backup dancer for MXM (Youngmin and Donghyun unit) just last year, and today he is performing as a member of AB6IX at their very own concert. He came so far!
There was also a cute moment when the entire audience sang “Happy Birthday” for Youngmin’s mom. ABNEW are as sweet as the group they stan.

After the concert, the group posted a couple of pictures on Twitter, with the following caption:

Finally!! The first concert that AB6IX and ABNEW have been waiting for just happened👏 It was a precious time to spend together, right!? We’re feeling regretful because of some things, but see you again tomorrow😭

Congratulations to AB6IX on a wonderful first concert!
Stay tuned to find out where their “6IXENSE” world tour takes them next.

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