AB6IX’s Official Lightstick


On August 23, Brand New Music announced that the pre-orders for AB6IX’s official lightstick start today and go on until September 9. The complete look of the lightstick has also been revealed, check it out below!

The light that will bind the perfect six ✨
With the hot heart of ABNEW
AB6IX’s first official lightstick pre-order begins!
▶ PRE-ORDER: 23/8/2019 ~ 09/09/2019
▶ PRICE: 37,000 KRW [approx. $30]
▶ DELIVERY: Sequential shipping from 20/9/2019
Original article:

On August 19, Brand New Music‘s BRANDNEWSHOP tweeted a teaser for the release of AB6IX’s first official lightstick! We can already see its outline, looking like a kind of bat with a hexagon shape at the top, and the number 6 as it appears on the group’s official logo. Check it out below!

ABNEW, are you excited about this lightstick? Let us know down below and stay tuned for future updates!

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