AOA Comeback Countdown

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D-3 (November 23)

Another Saturday, another prequel story card.

1st image

Surely, the moon came looking for me. No, I found the moon

2nd image

I wasn’t afraid of the moonlight anymore

3rd image

It interfered into my little world. I was getting ready close by

4th image

From now on this is a perfect, shining, beautiful world

5th image

The beauty which hid the darkness became my weapon, it was enough for me to hide the moon

6th image

For the first time I completely confronted the moon

7th image

I turned my back to the darkness and faced the moon

Today’s moon cannot disappear, it will welcome our beautiful beginning

The girls are real story tellers, aren’t they? This definitely made us even more excited for the album!

D-4 (November 22)

(6 pm)

Four days before the girls finally come back they uploaded their New Moon tracklist and the highlight medley.

As you can see, AOA will bless with five songs, including their Queendom track “Sorry”. We are so glad to see that Jimin contributed to the lyrics of “Come See Me”, “Sorry” and “Magic Spell”. That girl really can do it all.

We already knew “Sorry” was a bop, but “Come See Me” totally blew our minds! All the songs sound very upbeat and energetic and we can’t wait to see the girls perform them live!

D-5 (November 21)

(8 pm KST)

Hyejeong looks simply stunning in both versions of her jacket poster!

The hair and the leather shirt/jacket in the white version make her look like she just bested someone in a shoot out, don’t you think?

(6 pm KST)

The cherry on the cake of these individual teasers comes in the form of the beautiful Hyejeong.

You would think that someone with eyes to big and wide would have a hard time looking intimidating, but that styling and the gun sure do help to transform Hyejeong into a real bada**.

We don’t know what we’re more excited about – her jacket posters that come out in two hours or the track list coming out tomorrow!

D-6 (November 20)

(8pm KST)

AOA have just shared Yuna’s jacket poster and that means that now we can only wait for the girls to drop Hyejeong’s teasers tomorrow before they share their track list.

(6 pm KST)

The fourth girl to star in her own teaser video is the beautiful Yuna.

Even though we see no weapons in her video, it doesn’t make her seem any less deadly and dangerous than the girls we saw in these past few days. It must be her piercing look.

Can’t wait to see her jacket posters!

D-7 (November 19)

(8 pm KST)

Yesterday we said that we liked Jimin’s white jacket poster better, but today Chanmi looks exceptionally stunning in the black version.

Is it just us, or does it really seem that she is staring right into our soul?

(6 pm KST)

Ever since the final episode of Queendom and that amazing AOA performance we’ve been utterly smitten with Chanmi in this more badass concept, and this teaser video just drove the point home.

Chanmi on a motorcycle with a bow and arrow is all kinds of dangerous. How will anyone survive their comeback?

We can’t wait to see her jacket posters in two hours, so stay tuned for that!

D-8 (November 18)

(8 pm KST)

Just two short hours after Jimin slayed us all with her fierceness in the teaser video, she is back once again in these two versions of her jacket poster.

While it’s really difficult to decide which version we like better, we have to say that those braids are Jimin’s brand at this point and we are loving them.

Who do you think we’ll have the pleasure of seeing tomorrow?

(6 pm KST)

The star of the second individual teaser is our favorite tiny but fierce Jimin.

We don’t know what’s more deadly – Jimin’s gaze or that blade. We can’t wait to hear her spit some fire on this new album.

We are definitely hear for this new and darker AOA!

D-9 (November 17)

(8 pm KST)

AOA have just shared two versions of Seolhyun’s jacket poster for New Moon. Which one do you like better?

(6 pm KST)

Nine days to go and we got this beautiful preview starring none other than the visual goddess Seolhyun.

The group’s first MV teaser brings us some darker vibes and Seolhyun did not come to play.

Yesterday, there were guns on the sixth prequel card (scroll down) and now we see Seolhyun aiming at the camera as well. AOA’s first concept photo was titled “Aiming at MOON” and the release plan was named “Hunting Plan”, so it’s safe to assume that everything has something to do with some kind of danger (and hunting).

We can’t wait to find out more tomorrow!

D-10 (November 16)

At 6 pm KST, the group has uploaded the first batch of prequel story cards. Let’s see what they say…

1st image

When the night comes and moonlight descends upon the Earth

2nd image

The crimson sky is glowing

3rd image

But that beautiful glow is completely different from my world reigned by complete darkness

4th image

My night in which no one looks for me, but everyone looks at me

5th image

Being trapped in this glamorous world is eating away at me

6th image

In the small space of my world the moonlight is aiming at me, but I’m still [here]

7th image

In the darkness I dreamed about my glamorous world, our quest to find a new moon

What does this all mean? When did AOA become so dark and serious? We are so here for it!

D-11 (November 15)

Eleven days before their long-awaited comeback, the girls are back with their unit jacket posters.

The first unit is comprised of Jimin and Yuna, while the second one consists of Hyejeong, Chanmi and Seolhyun.

The five lovely ladies look exceptionally good on these photos, and we’re totally feeling the black and white aesthetic they have going on.

The fierce looks they are giving us go well with the whole concept of this comeback – they look like badass huntresses and we’re sure all Elvises wouldn’t mind to get caught.

D-12 (November 14)

AOA have just shared their comeback schedule a.k.a. their “hunting plan”.

According to this plan, we will be getting some new teasers and previews every day, so stay tuned for updates!

(12 am KST)

On November 14, AOA shared their first teaser photos for their upcoming comeback!

The girls are planning to return on November 26 with their sixth mini album New Moon and its title song “Come See Me”.

They uploaded two group photos; the first one is titled “Aiming at MOON” and the second one “Observed by MOON”.

Stay tuned for more info on the girls’ comeback.

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