ARMY Lose Their Minds Over Agust D 2

Just because the boys are on vacation doesn’t mean we get a break too.

Today Suga, or someone else who wants to mess with our hearts and minds, took to Twitter to post this photo.

Now, a normal fandom probably wouldn’t be so damn excited to see one of their faves with a bruised up face, but we are not a normal fandom, because a bruised up Suga will forever be Agust D thanks to this legendary MV.

Do we have any other hints that he might be releasing his second mixtape other than this photo and the fact that it’s August? No. Do we know that his photo is from a (probably) totally unrelated photoshoot? Yes. Do we care? Absolutely not – “Agust D 2” is trending at no. 13 worldwide as we speak.

Check out some of our favorite tweets.

Is this just some cruel joke? Probably. Does this mean we lost all hope? Of course not! August is not over yet.

If there’s a typo in this article somewhere, we apologize, but it’s really hard to type with all of our fingers crossed!

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