[CLC] Sassy Performance At K-World Festa + IG Updates

Just a day after their performance at Waterbomb Festival in Daejeon, CLC once again wowed the audience with their fierce dance moves, charisma, and, of course, breathtaking visuals. The girls took the stage after KARD and started their part of the show with their January single “No”. Next up was a special remix of their latest hit “Me” with an amazing dance break in the end. You can check it out here at 57:05 – we promise that you won’t be disappointed! 🤞 

Of course, we couldn’t possibly end this article without our daily dose of CLC’s of Instagram photos. Seungyeon and Sorn posted right before going on stage today…

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…and Yujin uploaded a selfie, probably on their way to the KSPO Dome earlier. 

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