ASTRO Comeback Countdown

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D-1 (November 19)

With only one day away from ASTRO’s comeback, the boys decided to unveil their new album.

Around 8:30 KST, ASTRO’s five members (as Moonbin is still focused on his recovery) started a surprise VLIVE broadcast and showed off the contents of Blue Flame.

The boys unboxed both The Book (blue) and The Story (brown) version of their new album. Not only did they open them and explain what’s inside, but also made sure to show them from up close. Apart from the standard photocards, each copy of Blue Flame also comes with a random large photo of an individual member.

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D-2 (November 18)

ASTRO have just shared an MV teaser for “Blue Flame”.

A darker concept really suits the boys and the energetic beat of the title song, but are we going to talk about Moonbin?

The new visual king is here, AROHA!

D-3 (November 17)

The boys have just shared the album highlight medley!

A part of the “Blue Flame” lyrics go something like:

Blue flame
Running towards me
Everything inside me is falling, falling

With this powerful title track, ASTRO’s best comeback to date might be just around the corner! The boys’ clean vocals and high notes that we got to hear in this short preview are already addictive.

“Go & Stop” and “When The Wind Blows” are more energetic tracks where ASTRO’s rap line really shines, while “All About You” and “You’re My World” give off ballad vibes.

It seems that the boys really put their hearts and souls into this album, even more so than before; especially as Rocky and JinJin wrote the rap verses for all five songs.

AROHA, which track do you think will be your favorite?

D-5 (November 15)

Today, we finally got the concept trailer for Blue Flame.

The short video is titled “Light a Blue Flame” and we can’t help but wonder if this is some kind of a vampire concept…

And what’s the story behind the burning book at the end of the video?

There must some magic involved here, don’t you think so, AROHA?

D-6 (November 14)

The official group photo for the Story Version is here!

This blue theme suits the boys just as much as the Book Version one and we simply can’t decide which one we like the most!

How about you, AROHA?

D-7 (November 13)

The photos for the Story Version of the album have been released!

Individual photographs of the members have been shared via their official Twitter account and this concept seems to be quite darker than the one in the Book Version.

MJ and JinJin definitely look more serious in this version:

We are glad to see Moonbin participated in this photoshoot, considering his recent health issues. Good thing he had Eunwoo to keep him company:

And last, but definitely not least, Rocky and Sanha shine in their most sensual edition:

Which concept do you like better?

D-8 (November 12)


MJ has shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the concept photo shoot on his personal Instagram account.

View this post on Instagram

BLUE FLAME (2019.11.20 6PM)

A post shared by ์— ์ œ์ด (@mj_7.7.7) on

The pictures show some of the items used in the Book series concept photo shoot, such as JinJin’s crystal ball and the books seen in the group teaser.

Could there be any clues hidden among these items? Let us know what you think, Arohas!


The official group photo for the Book version is here!

The boys look like true intellectuals in this concept and we cannot wait to see what they came up with for the Story version tomorrow!

D-9 (November 11)

After a three-day break from the teasers, ASTRO revealed the individual photos that will be included in the Book version of the album.

There isn’t much about books in these photos of MJ and JinJin

…but Moonbin and Eunwoo really seem to be into reading:

And Sanha and Rocky take that concept even further in their photos.

AROHA, are you ready for The Story concept teasers tomorrow?

D-12 (November 8)

The boys have just revealed the track list for Blue Fame.

The group’s sixth mini album will contain a total of five songs:

  • “Blue Fame” (title track)
  • “Go & Stop”
  • “All About You”
  • “When The Wind Blows”
  • “You’re My World”

All titles sound promising but what struck us the most was how heavily involved ASTRO’s two rappers were in the writing process. JinJin contributed to the rap parts of all five songs! Rocky wrote both the lyrics and the rap lines for “When The Wind Blows” and also participated in the composing of the fourth track.

We’re sure that AROHA can’t wait for the boys to drop the album on November 20.

D-13 (November 7)


Pre-orders for the album are officially open!

The announcement also includes images of the packaging and information about the album contents.

There will be two versions of the mini album: The Story version and The Book version.


The title poster has been revealed!

It features more mysterious text, that reads as follows:

The colder the world gets,
The more Iโ€™ll love you till my remaining heart burns down.

Could those be lyrics? Or just a promotional intro?

Weโ€™ll let AROHA decide.

D-15 (November 5)

The schedule for ASTROโ€™s teasers has been released, specifying the dates and type of content that will be unveiled leading up to November 20, when the album officially drops.

D-16 (November 4)

A mysterious post appeared on Twitter out of nowhere. The caption read:

When they open the book,
a bluish light covered all over the boys.

The announcement also revealed that the new album is titled Blue Flame, set to be released on November 20.

Arohas were thrilled to hear some news about the boys, so they started a hashtag #ASTRO_BLUEFLAME on Twitter to keep the conversation going.

Are you excited about ASTRO’s comeback?

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