ASTRO Drop “Blue Flame” MV

ASTRO are finally back!

At 6 pm KST, the group dropped their music video for “Blue Flame”, bringing a perfect mix of clean vocals, fast rapping and aesthetic choreography.

The MV starts with a scene of the burning book that we previously saw in the teasers and then the boys are seen dancing in the blue suits from The Story version of the album.

JinJin and Rocky show great flow in delivering their self-written rap lines, while MJ‘s high notes offer a interesting contrast.

In the second part of the video, ASTRO switched to The Book concept and there is also that Moonbin scene that everyone was eager to see again ever since ASTRO dropped the MV preview.

Let’s hope that Moonbin recovers soon, so we can see him perform with the rest of the group on music shows.

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