ATEEZ Bring The Laughs And Personality On Weekly Idol

On October 16, ATEEZ made their first appearance on Weekly Idol as a full group and the one and only guest! Episode 429 featured our favorite “8 makes 1 team” having fun and trying complete missions in order to win “a royal feast”.

At the beginning of the show, the hosts mentioned ATEEZ’ successes since the last time they had seen all of them (ep. 412, the rookie special with ONEUS), including their music show wins for “Wave” and U.S. promotions.
There was a cute and funny moment when Jo Seho referred to ATEEZ as their kids, which prompted Wooyoung and the boys call him “dad”, while Kwanghee and Nam Changhee were “uncles”.

The members also introduced their first LP and the new title track, followed by a performance of “WONDERLAND” that was just as powerful and impressive even without the uniforms and fancy staging.

Afterwards, the MCs showed ATEEZ the lavish buffet full of savory and sweet dishes that would be their prize if they complete the eight missions – one for each member – they had prepared for them.

Game 1

Firstly, the hosts talked about ATEEZ’ ’98 line and asked Seonghwa and Hongjoong how they take care of each other, to which the leader responded that he does not really look after Seonghwa, but rather the other way around, and Seonghwa added that even though Hongjoong is the leader who takes care of the whole team, he cannot really take care of himself. That’s ATEEZ’ sweet hyung for you!

Then they turned the talk to Seonghwa’s extreme tidiness. Hongjoong shared that, since the two are roommates, Seonghwa is always moving around the room cleaning and trying to get Hongjoong to clean up after himself as well, but ultimately he tidies up the whole room, which the leader actually really likes.

So, Nam Changhee dropped a bunch of confetti on the floor and Seonghwa’s mission was to fill up a jar with as much confetti as possible in under a minute by using a mini dustpan and brush. Naturally, the king of cleanliness was successful, with the help from his members. It was hilarious to see how stressed Seonghwa got upon seeing the host and the rest of ATEEZ create that mess! Meanwhile, you could see Yunho lying on the floor, making a “confetti angel” without a care in the world…

Game 2

Hongjoong’s mission was a word play on his name, combined with the group’s pirate/treasure theme. He and Yeosang played a children’s game that involved placing penguins on a rocky ship against two of the MCs. The goal was to maintain the ship balanced throughout, and the boys of ATEEZ came out as winners of this round, despite Yeosang’s self-diagnosed hand tremor.

Game 3

ATEEZ’ dance expert Yunho had to cover the silly dances that Seho and Changhee did, which he copied to a T! He was very cute dancing in his pajama-style outfit. The Golden Retriever jumped out in this episode!

The hosts also mentioned Yunho’s namesake: TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho. It turns out that both of them not only have an identical name and surname (Jeong Yunho), but also share the same hometown – Gwangju, which is the birthplace of many famous idol dancers.
In honor of his sunbae and role model, Yunho was challenged to use his foot to throw a sock onto a drying rack, just like U-Know managed to do in another show. And, almost unbelievably, ATEEZ’ Yunho did it too!

The boys were on a roll to win that royal feast.

Game 4

Yeosang, AKA the group’s resident savage, started off by basically roasting his fellow members. The man is obviously very aware of his power because the first thing he said is that he would only do half of them, since otherwise they may have a breakdown. Yunho then hilariously added: “He’s like Thanos!” I mean, was he wrong? You be the judge…

Yeosang’s first target was Seonghwa. He asked if he would kindly stop moving his tongue during the part in “Say My Name” when everybody should just be standing still, and proceeded to imitate his hyung in a comical way (1:55 in the video below).

Next, he practically knocked San out with the following comment:

Our San is so awesome on stage… San always considers how to put on the best performance, which is why he focuses on the highlight moves a lot. But, San-ah, please follow the choreo properly and don’t do it in your own way all the time.

*Didn’t they tell you I was a savage plays in the background*

Finally, Yeosang exposed his friend of five years, Wooyoung, for wearing revealing clothes to fit his “sexy performer” image. Jongho even chimed in that he witnessed Wooyoung ask the stylists to unbutton his shirt more than intended.
But hey, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

After that, it was time for the actual game, tailored to Yeosang who loves to eat chicken, so he had to correctly guess his favorite brand of seasoned fried chicken after being presented with five plates. Unfortunately for ATEEZ, he failed. Well, at least our “chicken master” Yeosang enjoyed himself.

Game 5

San was up next. After showing off his Taekwondo skills (as a third degree black belt!), it was time for the actual mission, which involved San and another member having to memorize 30 words containing his name (san means mountain in Korean) in one minute and then take turns with the MCs naming the “sans”.
The WooSan duo was in charge for this game, but it was an epic fail, as Wooyoung said a term that didn’t even exist on his first try. They got another chance, but ultimately ATEEZ lost round 5 too. We got plenty of sweet WooSan moments, though!

Game 6

After the reveal of rapper Jongho on Idol Radio yesterday, the maknae also showed off his rapping skills on Weekly Idol!

His mission, however, was to draw famous people – while host Seho was showed him their photos – so that the rest of the members can correctly guess at least five in two minutes. Jongho may not be the best at drawing, but he sure is clever enough to pick a representative feature of a person, and ATEEZ were able to guess all but one, making this mission a success!

Game 7

Next, it was time for Wooyoung‘s segment. First, he proved why he is ATEEZ’ resident hot guy with this sexy dance…

…after which Seonghwa followed his lead:

Mingi hyping up both of them in the background was honestly all of us.

Wooyoung’s mission was to pick two members at random to help him cross the finish line drawn on the floor by doing splits, as he is known to often go out of line in the group.
As luck would have it, he picked the piece of paper with San‘s name, who is the most flexible, which was a relief considering that that Seonghwa, who can’t do a split to save his life, was also chosen. In other words, Yeosang’s three “victims” from earlier were reunited for this game!
The boys cleared this mission as well; and Seonghwa made up for his stiff legs with some flexible hip movements, making everybody laugh in the process.

Game 8

Since ATEEZ did not complete every mission so far, they had already missed the opportunity to win the grand buffet, but they negotiated with the hosts and now it was all up to Mingi.

As he is known for his tendency to exaggerate, Mingi had to take a lie detector test and answer truthfully to three questions.
When asked if he had ever lied to his parents, he said that they see him as an angel. Also, he claimed to have descended from the skies with his wings, but then had them removed at “Paradise Hospital”, so Nam Changhee changed the question to: “Everything you just said is a lie, right?” Mingi denied this…and the lie detector rang for truth! In conclusion, Mingi is an angel: confirmed.
The second question was whether he would ever lend $10,000 to Wooyoung. Mingi promptly answered no, which was – disappointingly for his friend – also the truth.
Finally, after consulting with the members, Wooyoung asked Mingi if he was happy to be the center of attention on the show today, to which he boldly replied:

I’m just happy that I can be here with my fellow members!

This heartwarming statement was also proven as true, so ATEEZ won the prize! As expected, the boys were ecstatic at the sight of food and we got to see them enjoy their well-deserved royal feast all together.

“Back to the Debut” segment

There’s not much to say about this one, we’ll just leave you with the video of ATEEZ performing “Pirate King” (less than a year after their debut!) in those stunning black and leather outfits:

ATINY, how are we doing?

What did you think of ATEEZ on Weekly Idol? You can watch more exclusive clips from today’s episode on ALL THE K-POP YouTube channel.
Don’t forget to comment below what your favorite segment was!

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