ATEEZ, CLC, GFRIEND, X1 And More Perform At Seoul Music Festival

Today, October 6, marks the final day of the Seoul Music Festival (SMUF) which started last Saturday, September 28 with the SMUF Legend concert. Tonight, Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square transformed into heaven for all K-pop enthusiasts, who got to enjoy two hours of their favorite artists’ performances at the SMUF K-POP concert.

The concert started a few minutes before 8 pm KST with an incredible performance by Everglow . The girls got the crowd hyped up with their latest hit “Adios”.

The girls were followed by equally amazing performances by Jang Daehyon with “Feel Good” and ONEUS with their “Lit“. Speaking of lit, have you seen Hwanwoong’s dance cover of Sunmi’s “Lalalay”? You can find out more about that by clicking here.

Next up were Hyun Su with “If”, Song Haye with “Your Regards” and VERIVERY with their catchy bop “Tag Tag Tag”.

After them it was time for the 12 beautiful ladies from LOONA to take the stage and captivate the audience with “Butterfly” and “favOriTe“. We have to say we loved their very weather-appropriate and comfortable-looking black and white outfits.

Then it was time for Weki Meki to get everyone bopping along to “Tika Taka” and “Picky Picky”. They were followed by another amazing girl group April and their hits “Oh! My Mistake” and “April Story”.

ATEEZ hit the stage next and – we cannot stress this enough – Mingi is back, everyone!! Our “eight makes one team” showed up to a “Pirate King” intro before they performed their summer hit “Wave”. It felt so good to hear Mingi rap and sing that iconic “Hakuna matata ya” after what seemed like forever. Next, the boys performed the kill-all-ATINY duo that is “Say My Name” and “HALA HALA”. They set the SMUF stage on fire, that’s for sure!

After their performance, the boys took to Twitter to post a cute group photo with the caption:

From Inkigayo to Seoul Music Festival #SMUF💕
Thanks to ATINY’s cheers, we gained strength and were able to wrap up nicely!💪
Finally it’s D-2 until the “WONDERLAND” release! Please wait a little while longer 🥰

We can’t wait for ATEEZ’ comeback! “WONDERLAND” already sounds like “Say My Name” and “HALA HALA” had a baby… And you can find everything you need to know about the new album in our Comeback Countdown article!

Then it was time for some ex-Produce contestants to show us what they got. First Kookheon and Yuvin  performed “Blurry“, then SIXC (6 Crazy) showed us their version of “Move” (prod. By zico), and finally Kim Donghon wowed us with “Focus” and “Idea”.

After them CLC went on stage to perform their latest single “Devil“, followed by their 2018 hit song “Black Dress”. Their black and red outfits matched the two songs perfectly, and although they all looked stunning, Yeeun definitely owned the stage today.

Up next was Jeong Sewoon with “Feelings” and “When It Rains“…

…followed by THE BOYZ who performed their bops “D.D.D.” and “BloomBloom“. They were busy bees tonight, as they also had a stage at the SBS Super Concert in Incheon! More on that on the link.

Tonight’s concert was very special for all GFRIEND’s fans since they finally got to see the girls again after their “GFRIEND Asia Tour” finished back in August. We have to say, good things come to those who wait – the girls were absolutely amazing during their performances of “Fever” and “Time For The Moon Night“. In July of this year it was announced that Source Music, GFRIEND’s entertainment company, was bought by Big Hit Entertainment. We all know how much thought and care Big Hit put into their artists, so we’re hoping to finally see these amazing ladies get the recognition they deserve.

Look at how stunning the girls looked tonight!

The concert was closed by Produce’s latest group X1. The boys performed their debut title-track “Flash” and “Like Always“, another bop from their first mini album. All eleven of them performed their hearts out, including Kim Yohan who is finally recovered from his ankle injury, and judging by the screams from the audience, everyone loved their performance, and so did we.

The boys already took to their Twitter account to thank One It for their unwavering support.

You can check out the rest of the videos from today’s concert over on The K-POP’s official YouTube channel.

Whose performance did you enjoy the most? Let us know down below!

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