ATEEZ Come Back With ‘EPILOGUE’ & Toast To Their Past And Future In “Answer” MV

On January 6, ATEEZ made their comeback with the fourth EP TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer, bringing their TREASURE album series to a glorious end. The group shows off a more mature concept this time around with the title track “Answer” that celebrates the group’s journey from debut to present time both visually and lyrically.

The song as a whole evokes “old K-pop” vibes with its perfect harmony of EDM and hip hop combined with strong vocals. As expected, the music video portrays the final confrontation between real ATEEZ and dark ATEEZ (a throwback to the “Say My Name” / “HALA HALA” era), who gather around a long dinner table and toast like a thunder to the end of their search for the treasure. It also features some aesthetically pleasing scenes in the snow and at a desert, as well as the group’s intense performance.

But who is that masked figure that appears in the beginning and at the end?? ATEEZ are always keeping us on our toes, making us wonder what to expect from the next chapter in their career.

The five-track album is available now on Bugs, Flo, Genie, Melon, Soribada, Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services.

The guys are set to have their first comeback stage on the January 9 episode of Mnet’s M Countdown, so stay tuned!

ATINY, how did you like this epic finale?

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Amo Ateez 💝 paiting saranghae 🍀

Eu os amo ❤🍀 paiting saranghae💘

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