ATEEZ Comeback Countdown


D-1 (January 5)

One day before “Answer” is finally revealed to the world, ATEEZ dropped the music video teaser, and we’re in for some aesthetic pleasure.

Real ATEEZ and dark ATEEZ are evidently about to have one last supper together. Perhaps to decide who gets the treasure? We also get a glimpse of gorgeous performance scenes, including San dancing on the table.

Tomorrow is D-Day, ATINY, so get ready to have all your questions answered! TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer and the MV for its title track will be out at 6 pm KST.

D-2 (January 4)

Two days before the EP release, ATEEZ have shared the TREASURE EPILOGE: Action To Answer preview to let us know what we can expect from the new album.

The two never-before-heard songs are the powerful bops we’ve come to expect from ATEEZ with “Horizon” being EDM-based and “Precious” relying more on rap line’s hip hop swag accompanied by vocal line’s precious voices.

ATEEZ are currently at the 34th annual Golden Disc Awards, where they both performed “Answer” live for the first time and won an award.

The hype is real! Only two days left…

D-3 (January 3)

The “Answer” performance preview is out and it has surpassed all our expectations!

Let’s toast like a thunder is the opening line of the song as well as at the start of the chorus. The track combines an emotional piano melody with strong beats and the members’ (particularly Jongho’s) impactful vocals. Mingi and Hongjoong shine in their respective rap verses, Yunho as the center… And those hip thrusts are definitely the highlight of the choreo!

“Answer” sounds like the perfect anthem to wrap up this chapter in ATEEZ’ career. ATINY, how are you feeling?

D-4 (January 2)

ATEEZ have just released the performance poster for TREASURE EPILOGUE‘s title track “Answer”!

They are looking both soft and tough in the brown color scheme, indicating that this is in fact “real ATEEZ”. Déjà vu to the “Say My Name” poster, right?

Stay tuned for the exclusive preview of their performance tomorrow!

D-5 (January 1)

(6 pm KST)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is more than a comeback, this is a cinematic experience!

ATEEZ has dropped their first mystery (‘?’) teaser, and it’s a stunning trailer for the grand finale of their TREASURE series. “Outro: Long Journey” takes us on a trip down memory lane with footage from every previous era, from “Treasure” to “WONDERLAND” and introduces the final chapter with new scenes presumably about to be featured in the “Answer” music video.

All this is accompanied by “Outro: Long Journey” (Track 5 on the EP) playing in the background and dramatic narration, giving us the vibe of a trailer for a blockbuster movie. And we definitely cannot wait to see this one!

The guys have found their treasure, made history, and are now looking towards the future. Can you see the changes? Can you hear those voices? We’ll find out soon enough.

At the very end of the video, you can hear a snippet of a different instrumental… ATINY, did we just get the first listen to ATEEZ’ new title track?

(12 pm KST)

Is there a better way to start 2020 than with another group photo of our boys?

This time around, it’s dark ATEEZ in all their glory, sitting comfortably and staring at the camera as if to say: “That’s right, we’ve taken over now.” It’s the “HALA HALA” look – the glow-up version, as the members are no longer hiding behind masks and got their hands on more expensive jewelry.

D-6 (December 31)

(6 pm KST)

The final individual teasers are out, featuring ATEEZ’ powerful maknae.

Jongho looks all grown-up and full of charisma in these photos, holding a pearl necklace and with a telescope on his plate. It’s impossible to decide which side is our favorite!

ATEEZ will be starting the new year with a group concept photo at noon and a mystery teaser at 6 pm KST. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

(12 pm)

ATEEZ’ “stage genius” is up next, throwing it back to debut days with his lilac hair.

Wooyoung is tempting us all with his alluring look, both dark and covered up as well as light and with chest exposed. He has an hourglass beside him, which is often used as a symbol that human existence is fleeting, as the proverbial sands of time will inevitably run out.

This is shaping up to be ATEEZ’ darkest and most mysterious concept yet, isn’t it?

D-7 (December 30)

(6 pm KST)

It’s time to fix on Mingi.

He is back stealing hearts (and more) with the bright red hair, a look that could kill, equipped with a walkie-talkie… And check out that compass earring!

What is Mingi’s role in this comeback? Only one week left to find out the (Action To) “Answer”!

(12 pm KST)

San is the next member to be featured in individual teasers. He is looking as captivating as ever in both concepts, adorned with pearl necklaces and carrying miniature golden binoculars – just like he did in “Say My Name” teasers at the start of this year.

Moreover, these accessories very much resemble the ones San wears in the “ILLUSION” music video, except that the binoculars are now fancier (same thing with Yunho’s compass), strengthening the theory that dark ATEEZ have somehow stolen the treasure from real ATEEZ.

There are many puzzle pieces connecting EPILOGUE to the group’s previous albums and we can’t wait to see how they all come together on January 6th!

D-8 (December 29)

(6 pm KST)

The concept photos of ATEEZ’ ethereal visual are out.

Both versions of Yeosang look blinged-out and intimidating, and the accessory on his plate is a pocket watch.

Note how the members of “dark ATEEZ” are wearing more jewelry compared to the “HALA HALA” era, which suggest that they may have succeeded in stealing the treasure from “real ATEEZ”, leading to this final showdown.

The plot thickens! Who do you think will come out victorious by the end?

(12 pm KST)

Yunho is the main character in the third batch of concept photos, reminding everyone once again that (in addition to the puppy-like personality we know and love) his manly charisma is no joke!

He is looking expensive in both brown and black, and the main symbol this time is a compass, closely connected to the pirate/treasure theme ATEEZ has become known for (remember Hongjoong’s compass in “WONDERLAND”?). However, the details that make the vibe different from previous eras are the focus on glasses, giving a toast, and sitting at a dinner table.

The confrontation between real ATEEZ and dark ATEEZ awaits! Which Yunho will you be cheering for?

D-9 (December 28)

(6 pm KST)

ATEEZ’ eldest hyung is the next member featured in solo concept photos.

One might think we’d be used to Seonghwa‘s visual by now, but he manages to take the fans’ breaths away every single time. He is also wearing the “HALA HALA” outfit, as opposed to blue velvet in the second picture.

The main motif in Seonghwa’s teasers is a cup and a champagne glass, which correlates with the “Let’s toast like a thunder” slogan revealed at the very beginning, as well as the subtle spoilers in episode 6 of ANEWZ (see further below).

Are ATEEZ about to meet their darker counterparts for last supper? The table is already set… ATINY, what’s your theory?

(12 pm KST)

As always, ATEEZ is kicking off their solo concept teasers with stunning photos of their leader.

Hongjoong has is giving us a throwback to his “HALA HALA” alter ego with the iconic all-black look, minus the mullet and the mask. This poses a contrast to the other picture, where he is wearing fur, with animal print underneath, and holding a cane – another recurring symbol from the TREASURE EP. 2: Zero To One era.

Are ATEEZ bringing their journey full circle in the upcoming music video? Let’s see what other hints we get from the rest of the teasers.

In the meantime, check out the latest episode of ANEWZ for some exclusive spoilers (from the 3:00 mark), including a sneak peek at the new choreography!

D-10 (December 27)

(6 pm KST)

The first concept photo is out, and ATEEZ are evidently sticking with the classic blue and black theme for this comeback.

Based on all the teasers released so far, Action To Answer is looking to be another dark era for the group, reminiscent of “HALA HALA” or “Say My Name”.

Whatever the case may be, the guys look amazing, and we’re loving the contrast between the predominantly black/gray/silver hair colors and Yeosang’s and Mingi’s warm brown and red tones, respectively.

ATINY, what are your expectations of this new concept?

(12 pm KST)

After the sudden announcement of their 2020 comeback and yesterday’s release of the official “promotion map”, ATEEZ is back to reveal the tracklist for their fourth mini album – TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer.

The EP includes the long-awaited “Star 1117”, which the group first performed as a special gift to ATINY on their first anniversary fan event, as well as the full version of “Precious” and two* brand new songs.

The title track, for which both Hongjoong and Mingi participated in writing the lyrics, is called “Answer”.

  1. “Answer”
  2. “Horizon”
  3. “Star 1117”
  4. “Precious”
  5. “Outro: Long Journey”

*Considering that the outro “Long Journey” is a continuation of the eponymous intro on ATEEZ’ first mini album, TREASURE EP. 1: All To Zero, symbolizing the real (?) conclusion to the TREASURE series.

Stay tuned for updates!

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