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D–1 (October 7)

Attention, ATINY: we have an MV of epic proportions coming our way in just 24 hours! ATEEZ just released their official video teaser for the TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action title track “WONDERLAND”.

Our eight makes one team is marching in their uniforms to show everyone what a ROTY looks like!

Are you ready for ATEEZ’ first full album and this awesome music video? Coming soon…

D–2 (October 6)

A teaser image for “WONDERLAND” music video is out!

ATEEZ are wearing uniforms, accompanied by an actual marching band, with their flag in the background. This is shaping up to be a grand-scale MV, perfectly suited for this powerful title track.

Only two more days to go!

In the meantime, stay tuned for our recap of the SMUF K-Pop concert later today. ATEEZ will be performing as eight once again!

D–3 (October 5)

ATEEZ have shared the official highlight medley of their upcoming first full album TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action ! Have a listen to all 11 tracks and enjoy more gorgeous concept photos in the video below.

It all starts with the instrumental prelude “End of the Beginning”, followed by the title track “WONDERLAND” that sounds epic already, especially in combination with that choreo we saw yesterday.

Track 3 “Dazzling Light” falls under the future bass EDM subgenre. Next we have “안개” [Mist], featuring Wooyoung’s stunning voice at the start of the chorus!
The mood then settles with “Precious (Overture)”, including a beautiful piano instrumental that can be heard in the action teasers.

The next song “WIN” is bound to be another powerful bop (and a prediction of ATEEZ on music shows, hopefully) and “If Without You” features the rap line going hard in the verses before soft vocals come in on the chorus.

Track 8 “친구 (THANK U)” sounds like an emotional song dedicated to ATINY. Remember how the boys asked Will you be my friend? in “Pirate King”? Well, the literal translation of this track is “Friend”… We’re not crying, you are!
This track is immediately followed by our future inspirational anthem: “Sunrise”.

Finally, we have another slower song – “걸어가고 있어” [I’m walking] – and the instrumental outro of this LP: “Beginning of the End”.

An important thing to mention is that Hongjoong and Mingi participated in songwriting for every* track on the album! We’re so proud already.
(*the ones with lyrics, meaning that Track 1 and 11 are excluded)

Which song do you think will be your favorite? Comment down below!

D–4 (October 4)


ATEEZ burn the stage in this performance preview video for “WONDERLAND”!

This, ladies and gentlemen, will be THE comeback. The choreography, the rap, the vocals, the attitude… Everything is on point!
Are those the point moves from ATEEZ’ previous title tracks we see here as well?

If the rest of the LP sounds anything like this, we’re in for a treat! Stay tuned for the official album preview in 24 hours.

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

We have been blessed with ATEEZ in red velvet suits!

This is their performance poster and you know what that means? We’ll most likely get to see them on stage in those outfits!
Brace yourselves ATINY, you know what happens when ATEEZ perform in red… We’ll just leave this video here as a not so gentle reminder.

Get ready for an exclusive preview (of the performance maybe?) later today!

D–5 (October 3)


The final action teaser is here, with our Power Jongho as the protagonist! He is climbing a mysterious flight of stairs leading to nowhere in this clip.

As far as theories go, we are more confused than ever. Is Jongho the White Queen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

A distinguishing feature of this teaser is the “Precious precious” verse we hear so clearly and, rather than a piano instrumental, it’s backed by a strong beat.

Hongjoong and Wooyoung did share a spoiler of “WONDERLAND” on Mnet’s TMI News, including the point dance moves.
Check it out at 1:11 in the video below.

Make sure to tune into Mnet next week, as ATEEZ will be having their first comeback stage on M Countdown on October 10!

Stay tuned for the reveal of some kind of a poster as well as another ‘?’ teaser tomorrow.

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

Ladies and gentlemen, Jung Wooyoung is here and now everyone else is dead. ATEEZ’ main dancer is chained up, wearing the fluffy sweater we’ve seen in his second concept photos.

Based on the characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and the imagery in this trailer, we would assume that Wooyoung represents the Knave of Hearts.

In addition, it has now been revealed (via Shazam) that the instrumental playing in the background of the action teasers is in fact Track 5 from the upcoming album: “Precious (Overture)”! Does this mean that ATEEZ will be promoting two songs this comeback like they did with “Pirate King” and “Treasure” from their debut EP, as well as “Wave” and “Illusion” (TREASURE EP.3 : One to All)?

We’ll have to wait and see…

D–6 (October 2)


The sixth action teaser has us shook! Mingi is seen walking inside as well as sitting above a ring of fire

…which is a fitting metaphor for the fire he is about to spit in the powerful rap verse heard in the background.

ATEEZ are coming back and definitely coming for all ATINYs! Are you excited about this title track?

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

The gorgeous long-haired San stars in his own action teaser, in the middle of flowers… Like Alice before (or maybe after) going down the rabbit hole?

He is also surrounded by black flag posts and ripped flags. It could be the ones we saw in ATEEZ’ first ever teasers for “Treasure”.

One thing is for sure: the story of this comeback binds together the chapters of the TREASURE trilogy, but we may not find out how exactly until the music video comes out… And let’s not forget the now evident Alice in Wonderland concept!

Wait just a little while, Mingi is up next!

D–7 (October 1)


The fourth action teaser, starring ATEEZ’ visual Yeosang just dropped!

Many lights hit Yeosang as he sits on what appears to be a small stage, surrounded by red. Once again, you can hear that beautiful piano instrumental in the background.

If we’re going off the Alice in Wonderland theme, Yeosang could possibly represent the Red Queen. The full picture is still unclear, but let’s see what happens in the next few days.

Only one week to go until ATEEZ’ comeback!

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

Jeong Yunho is here! And he finds himself lying on the floor of a mysterious room with a bunch of broken television sets.

What he is doing there, we still don’t know, but at least we saw a close-up shot of his beautiful hands. Yunho stans, how are you doing?

Next action teaser coming up soon…

D–8 (September 30)


The second action teaser is out! Seonghwa, sir, what are you doing in that tunnel?

Could it represent the rabbit hole that leads to wonderland?

ATEEZ’ cute oldest member actually teased his trailer a couple of hours earlier with the following caption:

I heard someone’s teaser is coming up soon…🤨🧐🤔

Yeosang and Yunho are up next, so stick around for more pieces of ATEEZ’ puzzle tomorrow!

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

Well, ATINY, it seems that we will be getting eight individual action teasers in the days to come!

In keeping with tradition, Hongjoong is the protagonist of the first one, which you can check out below.

ATEEZ’ leader appears in his cheetah print coat in a mysterious room, sitting on some kind of a throne on a red carpet, and stares into a compass in his hand… Besides staring into the camera as well to bias wreck us all, of course.

So, did our captain find the treasure? Let’s see if the story becomes clearer from the other trailers…

D–9 (September 29)


Another day, another concept photo… And this time we have the whole group being the ultimate cool guys walking away from explosions.

Well, it’s more like walking by a fire, but you know what we mean.

They are wearing their royal uniforms and we have goosebumps just thinking about the upcoming music video!

Over the next four days, ATEEZ will be releasing some mysterious ‘?’ teasers (see Promotion Map on the link at the top of the article)…
What could they have in store for us next?🤔

Meanwhile, the boys (minus Mingi) are set to perform at KCON Thailand tonight, so make sure to check out the official recap!

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

The official tracklist for TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action is finally here! ATEEZ’ first full-length album includes 11 new songs, with the title track being “WONDERLAND”.

Track 1 “End of the Beginning” and Track 11 “Beginning of the End” were actually spoiled by Yunho in his VLive with Seonghwa a couple of days ago! This also makes us wonder which song are the boys recording (at 1:40) in the second ANEWZ video…🤔

Stay tuned to find out!

D–10 (September 28)


It’s Wooyoung × Jongho the sequel: going casual.

The boys are wearing soft sweaters, but somehow they do not look soft at all😏

Is it too early to call All To Action Jongho’s era? Also, blond Wooyoung is superior!

Stay tuned for a first look at the LP tracklist tomorrow!

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

ATEEZ’ Wooyoung and Jongho are the final members to be reveleaed in solo concept photos. Check them out looking like absolute kings below.

The power of our maknae is something else, am I right? And as amazing as Wooyoung looks in this uniform, we have a feeling that he is going to own the bad boy concept.

Stick around to find out later today!

D–11 (September 27)


San and Mingi are charismatic gods in these second concept photos!

Unlike Hongjoong’s controversial braid, San’s looks much more aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think? Especially with that hair color combination!
And Mingi looks so cool that we almost forgot about his cute struggles with English in the first episode of ATEEZ TREASURE FILM this week (make sure to watch if you haven’t so far, it is gold for so many reasons).

The individual teasers for the final two members drop tomorrow at noon!

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

It’s SanGi time, everyone! The next two members of ATEEZ’ ’99 line are shining in their first concept photos.

Is that a melancholic look we see in San’s eyes? Could that be a hidden hint… Also, this handsome red-haired Mingi reminded us how much we miss him! Hopefully he will fully recover from his injury in time for the comeback!

More teasers coming up!

D–12 (September 26)


Scratch that part about kind eyes, as YunSang are out for blood in these contrast concept photos!

The sweaters, the chokers, the blue lenses… Wow. Yunho and Yeosang are definitely showing off their mature and deadly charms. How do we cope?

Stay tuned for San’s and Mingi’s teaser pics tomorrow🤩

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

ATINY, it’s now official that the TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action individual teasers are dropping in age order!

Following the hyung line yesterday, the royal/military concept photos of Yunho and Yeosang have now been revealed…

…and the Y-Y duo are literally glowing in these stunning pictures! Despite the fact that expressionless looks are a part of this era’s concept, we can see Yunho’s warm puppy eyes coming through. Our Yunhogizer, please never change😍

Get ready for the more casual (bad boy) concept photos coming up soon!

D–13 (September 25)


We are proclaiming September 25 as HongHwa day! The second batch of their individual teasers just dropped and, as already hinted with yesterday’s group photos, it’s a contrast to the uniform concept.

Let’s call this concept bad boy chic. Those stares got us feeling all hot and bothered… So, do you prefer blue or black hair on Hongjoong?

We cannot wait to see which two members will be revealed tomorrow!

In the meantime, have you heard about MOON RIVER?

UPDATE No. 1 (12 PM KST)

ATEEZ has unveiled the first individual concept photos, featuring their leader and eldest hyung.

Hongjoong and Seonghwa look intimidating and gorgeous in those uniforms combined with the sparkly veils!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: they both have undercuts. However, the vibes are totally different! We’re not sure what that braid in Hongjoong’s hair represents, but our leader has become known for his unique hairstyles… Missing the mullet, anyone?

Stay tuned for more pics this afternoon!

D–14 (September 24)


The second group concept photo has been revealed and it is completely different than the first! ATEEZ are serving some serious looks here:

The new era is about to bring some iconic fashion. The maknae already has us shook. Also, that animal print and slicked back blue hair on Hongjoong…and Seonghwa with the undercut posing like a supermodel! Where do we look first?😍

What can we possibly expect from the solo concept photos tomorrow?

BTW, the first two previews for episode 1 of ATEEZ TREASURE FILM are now on YouTube! Check out ATEEZ getting taken to a mystery location in Australia here and their various wake-up calls below.

The first episode of ATEEZ’ new reality show airs tomorrow, September 25, at 7 pm KST on Mnet and at 8 pm on the M2 YouTube channel (with English subtitles).


ATEEZ’ comeback with their first full-length album is on its way, as the first group concept photo just dropped at noon!

Their chic visuals in those royal outfits are giving us life! The finale of the group’s TREASURE chapter looks very promising, don’t you think?

Stick around for more teasers!

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They haven’t sang a note but I already feel like they are trying to kill me. I am so proud of these boys.

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