ATEEZ Confirm January Comeback

UPDATE (December 26)

(6 pm KST)

ATEEZ just released the official teaser schedule for their comeback with TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer EP!

The album and the music video for the title track will be released on January 6 at 6 pm, and our Comeback Countdown begins with the release of the album tracklist tomorrow, December 27, at noon KST.

Stay tuned, a new era is upon us!

(12 pm KST)

The day after Christmas, ATEEZ announced that they will return with new music on January 6!

The rookie group is set to release its fourth mini album titled TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer, with the official slogan being:

Let’s toast like a thunder

…which is also a verse from the outro to the All to Action LP โ€“ “Beggining of the End”.

Two versions of the EP will be available, as we can tell from the album details that have already been revealed (see pics below), and the pre-orders start today!

ATINY, are you ready for the epilogue?

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Itโ€™s official! On the morning of December 24, Naver has confirmed that ATEEZ are indeed set to make a comeback in 2020. No other details are given besides pointing out that the poster released as the announcement is in Classic Blue, which is Pantoneโ€™s color of the year 2020.

ATEEZ are currently in the process of preparing both a new album and “The Fellowship: Map The Treasure” world tour.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Original article

On December 23, ATEEZ dropped a bomb teaser on Twitter, sending fans into a frenzy over what to expect next!

The cryptic writing on the poster mentions the group’s recurring ‘treasure’ concept, a chapter we thought was closed following the release of TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action in October. But is it?

ATINY, can you hear those voices?

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