[ATEEZ] “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” Challenge In L.A. + VLive

ATEEZ’ dance mob with U.S. ATINY took place yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles and it was a wonderful experience both for the group and their fans!

The scorching L.A. sun did not stop a great number of ATINYs to join their faves in Grand Park to participate in ATEEZ’ upcoming performance video for the track “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” from the Treasure EP.3 : One to All mini album.

You can get a taste of yesterday’s atmosphere by watching the fancams below. Try not to get too jealous if you missed it😭

After the event, leader Hongjoong took to Twitter to thank the L.A. fans, and SanGi held a surprise VLive to do the same as well as just generally be the dorks we know and love.

The boys are set to appear at Young Hollywood Studio this week as well as participate in KCON LA.
Stay tuned for updates about ATEEZ at #KCON19LA this Friday and Saturday!

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