ATEEZ Enjoying Life In Indonesia + Upcoming Schedules

After successfully wrapping up their performance at the Smartfren WOW Concert in Jakarta last night, ATEEZ are having some well deserved time off.

On September 21, San posted the selfies he took with Wooyoung, Seonghwa, and Yunho at a pool. The caption reads:

ATEEZ on their break
Here are some photos for you guys!โค๏ธ
From one, there are two, from two, there are three, from three, there are four๐Ÿ˜

Those summery shirtless pics came out of nowhere and we feel very attacked right now! ATINY, how are you doing?

Later, Seonghwa took a left turn by posting this cute video of him waving to the camera. The duality is too much!

Jongho also posted a poolside selfie on Twitter. Rather than splashing around, ATEEZ’s maknae looks smartly dressed and, evidently, with deep thoughts on his mind. Take a look at his caption and try not to shed a tear…

“Even when the dark shadow that follows you becomes unbearable, itโ€™s fine, itโ€™s okay, since I am here” These are my favorite lyrics. I’ll always be by ATINY’s side โค๏ธ

In case you were wondering, the lyrics are from “I’m Here For You” by the rookie group X1!

Finally, our dear leader Hongjoong shared some adorable bedtime selfies, thanking Indonesian fans for their support.

It is uncertain for how long the seven members (since Mingi is not participating in any activities for the time being) are going to stay in Indonesia, but we hope they relax for a while before continuing with their packed schedule. Check it out below:

  • September 28 โ€“ Global Fansign Event in Bangkok
  • September 29 โ€“ KCON Thailand 2019
  • October 4 โ€“ Spotify On Stage in Jakarta
  • October 6 โ€“ Seoul Music Festival (SMUF) 2019
  • October 12 โ€“ Asia Song Festival in Ulsan

In addition to all of that, ATEEZ are gearing up for an October comeback with their first full album. Some teasers have already been revealed! More on that here.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for future updates!

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Thank you for the article. I am glad Atinys there had a great time with Ateez and that they got to unwind there.

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