ATEEZ’ Fandom Celebrates 1st Birthday

On November 17 one year ago, ATEEZ held a special V LIVE broadcast during which they officially named their fans. Thus, ATINY was born, and today we celebrate their first birthday!

However, it was ATINY who gave ATEEZ a present, as they named a star in the sky “Atiny (Aurora)” in honor of their first year as a fandom.

ATINY are now quite literally ATEEZ’ star; just like the lyrics of their anniversary song “STAR 1117” say:

Looking for star, looking for love
You are my only star
Forever I will make you shine
Forever you are my heart
Looking for star, looking for love
I will watch over you so that no sadness will ever reach you
Forever you are my star

Meanwhile, ATEEZ held their final fansign yesterday, officially wrapping up the “WONDERLAND” era, but they also made sure to go live before the event in order to sing “Happy Birthday” to ATINY and congratulate them on turning two (in Korean age). You can watch the full video here.

The group – and Yunho individually – also posted on Twitter later…

All To Action ended with our last fansign🥺
We really thank the ATINY who ran with us during this promotion🥰
Let’s meet again in good health👋
ATINY!! Thank you so much for today and happy birthday in advance❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you so so much always😘

…and leader Hongjoong even wrote the fans a touching letter.

Stay tuned to see what else ATEEZ have planned to celebrate ATINY’s birthday!

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