[ATEEZ] First Debut Anniversary Event

UPDATE (October 24)

Check our “MOON RIVER” recap on the link!

UPDATE (October 22)

Two days before the “MOON RIVER” fan meeting, ATEEZ dropped the behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot for the occasion.

Check it out (with English subtitles) below and enjoy Wooyoung being a dork while posing with plum blossoms, San having a monologue about raising Yunho as his golden retriever puppy, and – last but not least – Mingi’s mini concert on set!

UPDATE (October 18)

ATEEZ will be releasing a special 1st Anniversary Edition version of their full album TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action! You can find out more on the link, and we’ll just leave you with a first look at the poster included in this new version…

…because if that’s not reason enough to order it, we don’t know what is. Now, the main question is: will the new song be included in the 1st Anniversary Edition of the LP?

One thing is for sure, the boys are spoiling ATINY with all this content planned for their anniversary! Only six days to go…

UPDATE (October 12)

In the latest episode of “ANEWZ”, Yunho revealed that ATEEZ would be releasing a brand new song as part of their first debut anniversary fan meeting!

Check out the full video below and this special announcement at 2:52.

So, “MOON RIVER” may be the title of his unreleased track! Fingers crossed that they show us a new performance in those stunning white suits.

Yunho also gave us another important piece of information: the “MOON RIVER” fan meeting will be broadcast on V LIVE on October 24 at 9 pm KST. ATEEZ never forget about their international fans!

What kind of a song do you think ATEEZ have in store for ATINY?

UPDATE (October 10)

ATEEZ just dropped a video teaser for their 1st Anniversary “MOON RIVER” event. You can watch it with English subtitles right here:

Although they did not reveal much, we feel blessed just by seeing them looking like angels personified. A complete 180 from their “WONDERLAND” outfits at M Countdown today!

Only two weeks to go until ATEEZ’ first anniversary!

UPDATE (September 27)

New information on the “MOON RIVER” fan event has just been released!

It will be held on October 24 (9 pm KST) at The River Grand Hall in Seoul. As this venue overlooks the Han River, it fits the concept perfectly!

ATEEZ look angelic in all white suits, holding cherry blossoms with a fond look in their eyes. Quite a difference from recent comeback teasers

What are you hoping to see at this anniversary event? Comment down below~


ATEEZ are not done with dropping bombs! After today’s comeback teasers, they decided to surprise ATINY with the following enigmatic announcement:

The caption reads:

ATEEZ 1st Anniversary [MOON RIVER] Teaser Poster

The only night we’re together,
Along the waves of the moonlit river,
A new voyage over a rainbow.

Waiting for you to be our new map.

It seems that ATEEZ have something special in store for their first anniversary! The “MOON RIVER” event – whatever it may be – is scheduled for October 24, i.e. exactly one year since the group’s debut.

Stay tuned for more updates🧐

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