ATEEZ For Young Hollywood

During ATEEZ’ time in LA a couple of weeks ago, the boys also stopped by Young Hollywood studios to chat with Tracy Behr. Just recently, parts one and two of this interview were released on YouTube (August 29 and 30).

ATEEZ were very relaxed and talkative in this interview, which is something we always love to see. The boys talked about their love for ATINY, their sold-out tour, album concept, etc. Each member ended up revealing what’s their own personal treasure – besides the fans, of course – and some answers may surprise you! When asked about their hidden talents, Jongho (obviously) mentioned his apple-breaking skills, while San surprised us all by perfectly whistling the tune of a famous pop song. Finally, Mingi mentioned his wish to try out a cute concept for their next comeback (was that a hint?🤔), which led to showing off some aegyo. You can find out more on the link below!

The second part of ATEEZ’ visit to the YH studio was their traditional “Mystery Box Challenge“. It was a mess, as expected😂 However, each item was especially tailored to that particular member, which made it more interesting. Have fun watching the boys’ reactions in the video:

ATINY, did you enjoy ATEEZ’ guest appearance on Young Hollywood? Any stand-out moments for you? Let us know down below!

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