[ATEEZ] Happy 300 Days Since Debut!

Today, August 19, marks the 300th day since the “8 makes 1 team” ATEEZ debuted! Who could forget that iconic line “Will you be my friend?” paired with Wooyoung’s smug smile before the beat drop that had us all shook in their first debut track “Pirate King”? Also, how impressive was the rap line spitting straight fire from the very beginning of the second title track “Treasure” and vocal line’s powerful, stable voices? Let’s not forget that these rookies sang live in all of their music shows stages – legends only.

To commemorate this milestone, members of ATEEZ took to Twitter to leave sweet video messages for the fans, with the caption for all of them being: “It’s been 300 days since ATEEZ debuted! A video to our ATINY who have been with usπŸ’•”. You can check out the videos on Instagram too!

Naturally, leader Hongjoong posted first, and here is what he said in the video (with a cute cat filter):

ATINY! What day is today? ATEEZ and ATINY have been together for 300 days. Thanks to ATINY, these 300 days have been very happy. In the future, [for] 3,000 days, 30,000 days, 300,000 days, and forever I hope that ATEEZ and ATINY will be happy like they are right now. I’m always thankful. ATEEZ will continue to show you better appearances. Please, expect a lot. Love you always. ATINY, congrats on 300 days! Thank you~

ATEEZ’ handsome oldest hyung was up next. Seonghwa looked adorable with his cat filter, wishing ATINY happy 300 days, saying how much he loves and appreciates them, and showing off the chocolate cupcakes he made to celebrate! Check it out below.

It’s our 300th day, we have many days until our 500th and 1000th day. Until then, I hope to make more good memories [with you]. I will always love you and be grateful. Congratulations on 300 days, ATINY!

Then it was Yunho‘s turn. Our Yunhogizer made us all melt with his bright smile, singing cutely “300, 300” to the melody of the “건배 건배” verse from “Wave”. More of his translated speech below!

ATINY! It has finally been 300 days since we met – woo! While passing the 100th day, 200th day, and up to the 300th day mark, you were with us. Really, thank you so so much. It feels new, since we are celebrating 300 days in America. It feels new and I’m always thankful to ATINY. The reason that we are able to run all this time is because of ATINYs. From now on and always, don’t forget: ATEEZ and ATINY forever! [We’re] always thankful and we love you so so much, ATINY. ATEEZ will work harder and show you many more cool appearances. So keep on watching over us~ Thank you, ATINY! Congratulations on 300 days, ATINY!!

As expected (since they were going in order of age after their leader’s message), Yeosang was the next one in line. He wished that ATEEZ and ATINY could keep celebrating 400, 500, 600 days, a year, 5 years, 10 years, and more together! His final words were: “Thank you for always caring for ATEEZ and loving us. Let’s continue together for a long time, ATINY. Love you!”

Afterwards, in spite of being visibly tired, San shared his warm video message to ATINY. You can read the English translation below.

Hello, ATINY, San here. Today is already our 300th day, so I filmed this video because I want to thank you. Thank you so much for being with us for 300 days. Let’s be together in the coming 600, 900 days, and more. Thank you for giving me strength and believing in me. I love you, ATINY~ See you soon.

On the other hand, Mingi‘s energy was sky-highπŸ˜‚ He asked for a round of applause after announcing ATEEZ’ 300th day since debut, showed off his cute charms, and ended with: “I love you~ Honestly, really, really thank you!”

Our dear main dancer Wooyoung‘s message was short and sweet. Here is its full translation and the video:

Hello, ATINY! It’s ATEEZ’ Wooyoung. Today is ATEEZ’ 300th day! Because ATINYs were always by our side since debut, time seems to fly by. Many things, like being No. 1 on music shows would not have been possible without ATINY. Please, look after ATEEZ in the future; I hope that ATINY and ATEEZ will continue making good memories till the end. I love you and thank you~ Thank you! Thanks [with aegyo]

Finally, it was time for the maknae‘s video message! Jongho is looking cute with the hearts filter, but also very cool in his leather jacket with a Chanel earring – that’s duality for you. He also expressed his honest wish to celebrate many more milestones with ATINY.

Just like how we passed 300 days, I hope to pass 3,000 days, 30,000 days, 300,000 days [with you]! Until then, and even further than then, you will be with us forever, right? We’ll show you good performances and cool appearances, so stay with us until the end!

Happy 300 days with ATEEZ!πŸ€—

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