ATEEZ In Australia Surprised By Fans’ Street Art

KQ Entertainment’s monster rookies ATEEZ arrived in Melbourne for the first leg of “The Expedition Tour” in Australia. The boys have been exploring the city when they stumbled upon a sweet graffiti made by their Australian fans to welcome them into the country. It portrays a koala, a native Australian animal, dressed as a pirate standing on a boat, representing ATEEZ’s debut song “Pirate King”, with the group’s name below and the fandom’s name (ATINY) above it.

Wooyoung tweeted:

ATINY~~~ What is this>< I’m touched.

Australian ATINYs are in for a treat, as ATEEZ will hold two concerts in two cities. “The Expedition in Australia” kicks off on August 9 in Melbourne at the Margaret Court Arena and ends on August 11 at The Big Top Sydney.

Hope you have the chance to check them out if you are there!

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