[ATEEZ] Jongho’s B-Day VLive & Letter To Fans + Members’ Video Messages

UPDATE (October 28)

In the most recent episode of ATEEZ Log, the group takes us behind the scenes of Jongho’s birthday; including Hongjoong and San decorating his cake, each member leaving the maknae a congratulatory message and, finally, surprising the birthday boy.

You can watch the full video with English subtitles below!

Original article

Today, October 12, ATEEZ’ maknae Jongho officially became an adult in Korea, as he celebrated his 20th birthday! He spent his day in Ulsan, performing at the 16th annual Asia Song Festival. However, the birthday boy still took the time to check in with the fans during his audio broadcast on V LIVE.

At the beginning of the VLive, Jongho said that he had just finished rehearsals and was riding a bus; apparently, it was too dark to film, so that’s why he decided to only record his voice.

Jongho shared that his ATEEZ brothers surprised him with a cake, but the backup dancers were actually the first ones to wish him a happy birthday last night!
He kept saying how happy he was today. Celebrating his birthday for the first time after ATEEZ debuted was a wonderful new experience for him. He also revealed that his birthday wish is to win more big awards with his group. It felt so good to win Best Performance at SOBA back in August and he would like to make even more great memories like that.

His general wish for the year 2020 is not to get sick or hurt and to make every performance enjoyable. Jongho also shared the following message to his members (that unfortunately got cut off in the middle because of the V LIVE lagging):

Thank you for spending time with me, let’s treat each other as friends despite the age gap and continue spending happy days together~

When asked about his favorite song from TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action, he responded that it would be “MIST” (Track 4), but added that he really likes all the songs from this album.

In addition, Jongho said that he is thankful to his parents because without their support, he wouldn’t be able to be a singer and do what he loves.
He also expressed his gratitude to ATINY a lot, which culminated in a letter that he posted on the official fancafe a couple of hours later. Check out the full translation below!

Title: A Happy Day
From: Choi Jongho

ATINY ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
I believe I spent a really happy day today! I am very happy to be able to receive many wishes in celebration of my birthday for the first time since debut ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It was a birthday that I will never forget!
This was a very meaningful day, as I spent my birthday performing on stage with my hyungs and ATINYs by my side.
ATINY are my everything. The greatest reason for my happiness is meeting ATINY!
I will continue to grow and become a Jongho who shows you awesome performances and great appearances!
Thank you so much for your sweet wishes throughout the day, ATINYYYYYY
I love you~❤️

Isn’t he the sweetest? Happy #Vocal_King_Jongho_Day, everyone!

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