[ATEEZ] KQ Ent. Announces Mingi’s Return To Activities

UPDATE (November 28)

ATINY, rejoice! Not only is Mingi coming back, but ATEEZ are also confirmed to perform at this year’s MAMA on December 4!

See the translation of the company’s statement below.

Hi, this is KQ Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about the return to activities of ATEEZ’ member Mingi.
First of all, we’d like to thank you for continuously supporting Mingi’s recovery.
During the rest of the year, Mingi focused on constant rehabilitation and exercise treatment, and after the test results of the specialist in charge, he was found to be in good condition to carry on with schedules.

Therefore, Mingi will begin to participate in ATEEZ’ domestic and overseas schedules as usual, starting from the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards.
Please keep supporting ATEEZ and Mingi in the future.

Thank you.

This news comes just in time for the group’s Japanese debut as well.

Welcome back, Mingi!

Original article (October 28)

On October 28, KQ Entertainment posted a new announcement on ATEEZ‘ official fancafe regarding Mingi’s condition.

We bring you the full statement translated into English:

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment,
First of all, we’d like to thank everyone for your support despite the absence of our member Mingi. We would like to inform you that Mingi is concentrating on his recovery and hoping to participate in future activities.
However, we have been informed by medical professionals that the recovery process will take much longer than a few weeks. Mingi and our company agreed that he needs more of a recovery period.
Therefore, Mingi will not be participating in both domestic and international schedules following this announcement until further notice.
Thank you.

ATEEZ have recently finished their “WONDERLAND” comeback promotions with a goodbye stage on MBC’s Show! Music Core (October 26) and a Halloween fansign event on Sunday, October 27. They have no official activities scheduled for the time being, save the start of their second world tour “The Fellowship: Map The Treasure” next year.
Stay tuned for updates.

Get well soon, Mingi!

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mingi get well my bias love you. Ateez you will always be a……………………..8 MAKES 1 TEAM FIGHTING salanghae

Yayyy they will perform together at mama✨✨

I’m Soo happy!!😍 ATEEZ will perform at Mama and MINGIs comeback

Ateez is going to kill the stage at MAMA.

Get better Mingi

I hope Mingi recovers completely. He is so important to Ateez and Atiny.

Get well soon mingi we will always support u and loveing u… We will wait until u came back….

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