The rookie groups this year are no joke! On August 16, ATEEZ, LOONA, and AB6IX participated in KCON ROOKIES in Los Angeles, impressing the audience with their performances, fun personalities, and fresh charms.

Firstly, all three groups played games to decide the order in which they would appear on stage. AB6IX did the best, so they closed the show, LOONA lost, which meant they would go first, while ATEEZ took the second spot.

LOONA made the audience fall in love with their cuteness and a jaw-dropping performance of BTS’ “Fire”. The girls also dominated in a game of flip cup, which all three rookie groups played together on stage. This 12-member girl group is so popular that their fans (Orbits) have already dubbed this year’s KCON in L.A. LOONACON!

ATEEZ had already got the fans excited during Artist Engagement and did not disappoint during last night’s stage. Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Woooyoung, and Jongho blessed ATINY with their powerful performance of Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” as well as a short cover of BTS’ “Fake Love”. Check out the videos below! Featuring crowd reactions and Mingi being fabulousπŸ˜‚

Finally, AB6IX took the stage, showing off their new hair colors, which got ABNEW talking about a possible comeback! BTW Youngmin’s hair may look orange, but he later tweeted that it’s actually brown, promising to dye it a bright color sometime in the future.
Their stage featured amazing performances of “Hollywood”, “Breathe”, and “Shining Stars” (from their first mini album B:Complete) as well as some fun fan service. Youngmin, Donghyun, Woong, Woojin, and Daehwi also chatted with Billboard’s K-pop correspondent Jeff Benjamin, who shared a cute picture they took together on Twitter.
You can get a taste of the atmosphere during AB6IX’s stage by watching the clips below!

Did any of you get to attend KCON ROOKIES at #KCON19LA last night? Which rookie group impressed you the most?

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