[ATEEZ] Mentioned By Ellen DeGeneres On Twitter

ATEEZ are taking the world by storm! Next stop: The Ellen Show?

On August 17, the famous U.S. comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shared a clip of ATEEZ having a mukbang with her show’s correspondent and YouTuber Kalen Allen.

Mingi, Hongjoong, San, Wooyoung, Yunho, Seonghwa, Yeosang, and Jongho have fun watching Kalen try out various Korean specialties (the part with Korean Fire Noodles had us on the floor with laughter) and make ATINY proud with their English skills. And spoiler alert: Jongho breaks yet another apple with his bare hands. The boys also had a taste of an American dish in the end; make sure to watch the video below to see their reactions😄

Are you excited about ATEEZ’ growing popularity in the United States? Comment down below!

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