ATEEZ On Idol Radio + AOA’s Jimin And Chanmi As Special DJs

On October 15, ATEEZ appeared on episode 378 of MBC’s Idol Radio. The Queendom contestants, AOA’s Jimin and Chanmi, were the special DJs for the day and the show brought us many interesting moments.

While the members were introducing themselves, San mentioned that he wasn’t born in Seoul but in Gyeongsang Province, which prompted Jimin to ask more about his hometown. It turns out that both San and Jimin’s mother were born in a small town called Namhae, and the two idols immediately bonded over this cute coincidence. 

The introductions went on and Wooyoung boasted his “stage genius” title, so Jimin challenged him to demonstrate his skills right there and then!  He confidently stood up and the girls played BTS’ latest hit “Boy With Luv”, to which our stage genius danced perfectly!

But DJ Jimin didn’t stop there – she then challenged Jongho to do some freestyle rapping. The rest of ATEEZ members tried to save the maknae by saying that he’s actually the main vocal, but Jimin wasn’t having it. The youngest member got a bit confused right at the beginning but he caught up with the beat and actually did an amazing job, while Wooyoung couldn’t even finish his rap because he was laughing too much. San was up next and the AOA girls asked him to rap in his dialect. He wowed them all with his skills and even Jimin was at a loss for words! 

Chanmi then asked the boys how they feel about their new album. Wooyoung answered on behalf of the group and said that since TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action is their first full album, it is truly special to all the members. He also added that the album itself looks really pretty and that he likes the idea of having a white (Z) and a black (A) version.

As the chatting about the group’s music continued, Jimin complimented Hongjoong’s rapping skills and said that she likes his part in “WONDERLAND” so much. ATEEZ’ leader was really happy to hear that from none other than AOA’s main rapper.

Later on, San said that his favorite song on the album was “THANK U” and Jimin agreed, adding that she listened to it with other AOA members after the album came out. Needless to say, ATEEZ were pleased to hear that their sunbaes enjoy this special track as well.  

Afterwards, the boys danced to a medley of their own songs, starting with the debut song “Pirate King” and their January single “Say My Name” followed by the iconic “HALA HALA”, “Utopia”, “Illusion”, and lastly their summer bop “Wave”.

The only downside of today was the fact that the group was incomplete. Unfortunately, the period of rest Mingi had pre-comeback seems to not have been enough, as our dear “Fix On” had to go to the doctor before the prerecording this morning. Here is the translation of the official statement posted on the fancafe this morning:

Mingi visited a nearby clinic today on the 15th because he had joint pain before the prerecording of THE SHOW. He is currently waiting for his test results. To all the people who come to the show, we sincerely apologize.

Let’s hope that Mingi fully recovers soon!

However, you can watch “8 makes 1 team” on Weekly Idol tomorrow at 5 pm KST. As you can tell from the preview below, we have the boys being their wonderful chaotic selves to look forward to!

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