ATEEZ Perform “WIN” For The First Time

On the January 31 episode of KBS’ Music Bank, ATEEZ gifted ATINY with not only another stunning performance of their latest title track “Answer” but also the first live stage of “WIN”, the epic anthem featured on their first full-length album TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action.

It’s safe to say ATEEZ don’t need music show trophies to keep winning! The energy, the stage presence, the choreography, the fire raps, the powerful vocals…They are not rookies, they are a force of nature.

Meanwhile, “8 makes 1 team” is also gearing up for their first concert in Seoul next Sunday – after quickly selling out multiple arenas on their upcoming world tour – in addition to releasing a new Japanese album on February 12.

If today’s stage is any indication of what to expect from their concerts, we cannot wait!

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Proud, proud, proud. Win is amazing. Ateez has managed to be the group that has turned fans who only stanned one group into fans who also stan them.

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