ATEEZ Surprise Fans On FBE Channel

As international fans, have you ever wondered what meeting ATEEZ would be like? Well, six lucky U.S. ATINYs got to experience just that when all eight members surprised them after reacting to their MVs!

On September 9 (PST), Fine Brothers Entertainment shared a video of K-pop fans reacting to ATEEZ’s music videos for “Say My Name”, “HALA HALA”, “Pirate King” , “Treasure” and “Wave”. All six teens had already been familiar with ATEEZ, with some identifying themselves as ATINY and quickly pointing out their biases in the group. However, little did they know that ATEEZ themselves were listening to their comments in the back! The boys stepped out to surprise or, in Mingi’s case, scare them to death 😂

Check out their reactions in the video below.

We have to point out how sweet the boys were to the fans and vice versa, which was heart-warming to see. ATINY Rebecca‘s speech at the end of the episode truly reflects what we as fans feel, wouldn’t you agree?

What was your favorite part of this ATEEZ–ATINY interaction? How do you guys think you’d react if this happened to you?

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