ATEEZ Unveil New Album + Comeback Date & Schedule

ATINY, it’s official!

On September 23, it was announced ATEEZ will be concluding their TREASURE era with the first full album, called TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action, that comes out on October 8!

Judging from this royal look and diamond veils, we could infer that ATEEZ have finally found their treasure. The question is: how do all pieces of the puzzle fit together in the end?

Meanwhile, this announcement comes as quite a shock, since the boys were just in Jakarta, enjoying their short break in between schedules. ATEEZ caught everyone off guard this time!

You can preorder ATEEZ’s first full album โ€“ the black A version and/or the white Z version โ€“ starting today. More details below.

Finally, don’t forget to stay tuned for our ATEEZ Comeback Countdown, coming your way as soon as September 24, at noon. That’s right, the official comeback schedule just dropped!

Are you ready for the next journey?๐Ÿง

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