ATEEZ Unveil Official Light Stick

It’s finally here!


ATEEZ’ first official fanlight has been revealed!

The light stick was inspired by a fan design (see down below). It’s shaped like a globe and has an hourglass resembling a compass needle inside; with a keyhole on the handle and stored inside a treasure chest – all motifs that marked the group’s TREASURE album series.

ATEEZ’ chant “8 MAKES 1 TEAM” and debut date (October 24, 2018) in the form of geographical coordinates, 18掳10’24”, are engraved on the half-arch. The light stick shines in either red or green aurora mode.

You can check out more specifications on the link. The light stick will be available for purchase from 2 pm (KST) tomorrow, January 22.

We can’t wait to see ATEEZ’ first light ocean on their upcoming world tour! ATINY, how do you like the fanlight?

Original article

ATEEZ have announced January 22 (2 pm KST) as the release date for their first official fanlight, helped designed by an ATINY.

Judging from this teaser, the light stick is shaped like a globe, which very much resembles the one in the picture below.

Stay tuned for updates!

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