[ATEEZ] “WONDERLAND” MV & Press Showcase Recap + iTunes Charts

ATINY, the Countdown is over, ATEEZ are back!

The album is currently No. 1 in 11 countries:

  • Barbados
  • Finland
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United States.

And the music video for “WONDERLAND” surpassed one million views on YouTube in just ten hours. ATINY are on fire!


Just three hours after its release, ATEEZ’ new album has hit No. 1 on iTunes in six countries, including the United States!
The title track “WONDERLAND” is also the top song in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Congrats to ATEEZ a.k.a. rookies of the year!

Original article

On October 8 at 6 pm KST, ATEEZ dropped their first full-length album TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action, along with a powerful music video for their new title track “WONDERLAND”.

Check out the MV with English subtitles right here:

ATEEZ have outdone themselves with this comeback! The music video is absolutely epic and the song is a true anthem, perfect to close the group’s TREASURE era. Whoever thought to include the marching band deserves an award, and we can only hope ATEEZ recreate that scene for one of their future performances.
Their first music show comeback stage will be on M Countdown this Thursday, October 10, so stay tuned!

ATEEZ’ first full album, featuring 11 new tracks, is now available on Korean streaming services – Melon, Genie, Flo, and Soribada – as well on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Comment down below: what’s your favorite track from TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action ?


During their Seoul press conference this morning, ATEEZ talked about their album preparations, recent tour, and more.

When asked about the comeback with their first LP, leader Hongjoong said:

Although our comeback came quite soon, the album had been in the making for a long time. We put so much thought into our very first full-length album and wanted to show how much we have grown over the last year while touring.

On their signature powerful dance moves:

We’ve been sticking with this concept since the beginning, so it all feels quite natural to us now. We just practice hard in front of the mirror to pull off the dance moves.


Moreover, ATEEZ revealed that they usually spend six to seven hours a day practicing in order to perfect their performance and make sure everyone is in harmony on stage while singing live. That dedication definitely pays off, don’t you think?

The reporters also asked the group about the most memorable stop of “The Expedition” world tour, to which Mingi responded:

I’d say Paris. I was very surprised to see foreign fans sing along in Korean… I was impressed with their passionate cheering and stomping. It was a fun memory.

Finally, check out the boys looking stunning in their uniforms in the photos taken at today’s showcase.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ are already trending at No. 1 and No. 5 on Twitter worldwide. Good job, ATINY!

Honestly, after watching that MV, is anybody really surprised?

Congratulations to ATEEZ on an incredible comeback! We are definitely snatched, how about you?

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