ATEEZ’ Yunho Not To Attend Fansign Due To Health Reasons (Update)

UPDATE (January 20)

According to the latest news on ATEEZ Fancafe, Yunho experienced sudden headache and nausea before yesterday’s fansign and has been examined and treated accordingly. He is currently resting at the dorm to fully recover.

Feel better soon, Yunho!

Original article

On January 19, ATEEZ Staff on Twitter announced that Yunho is not feeling well and won’t be participating in the group’s scheduled Action To Answer album signing event in Sangam, Seoul.

Read the full notice below.

ATEEZ member Yunho is feeling unwell, so only seven members will attend the Sangam fansign event.

We apologize for delivering such sudden news.

Yunho will be taken to a nearby hospital for more precise medical treatment and we’ll later share an additional statement via the group’s official fancafe.

We ask for your kind understanding.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Oppa yunho get better for you to atende the atinny fan meet get well Oppa I am miss you doing well soon don’t get hurt and sick you are my favorite baby boy bet better soon

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