Babylon X Yeri Collab Out Now


Shortly after the song was released, Yeri posted on her official Instagram account as well.

She expressed how happy she was to get a chance to participate in the writing process of “I Will Be Your Warmth”:

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to write lyrics and compose the song together [with Babylon].
I hope that you listen to it a lot.

Yeri also shared a couple of cool pics from the recording studio.

Original article

ReVeluv, our lovely maknae’s new song is finally here!

At 6 pm today, November 30, Babylon and Yeri dropped the official lyric video for their collaboration single “I Will Be Your Warmth”.

Almost at the same time, Babylon shared a selfie with Yeri on his personal Instagram account, followed by a sweet message:

Listening to “I Will Be Your Warmth” together.

The duo’s voices fit together perfectly to express the feeling of gratitude to someone who has always loved and supported you, and the sweet lyric video just adds to the romantic feeling of the new track.

How did you like the song?

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