Bang PD And Min Heejin Determined To Make A Killer Girl Group

On the morning of September 4, Big Hit Entertainment took to Twitter to announce that they will be holding auditions in collaboration with Source Music across 16 cities this October.

The goal of their “PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION” is to find members for their new girl group they plan to debut sometime in 2021.

This new girl group will be in extremely capable hands – Big Hit announced that the debut will be led by the legendary Min Heejin. The former board member and creative director for SM Entertainment who joined Big Hit this July as their Chief Brand Officer is the person we can (and should) all thank for concepts and visual directing having such a huge role in the K-pop industry today. Such a visionary!

In the short video accompanying the announcement we can see five separate pairs of legs getting out of the carriage – could this mean that the new group will consist of five members? Big Hit does everything on purpose.

Additionally, the girls leaving the carriage all have vastly different tastes – we can see them wearing heels, combat boots and trainers. Let’s hope that this means the girls won’t be forced to fit into the “oh my, I’m so girly and cute” mould. After all, they did say they are looking for someone playful, lovely, unique and sassy 🙂

So girls, is your city on the list? Are you brave enough to try out?

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