Bang PD’s Lesson On Copyright Infringement

Big Hit Entertainment is a groundbreaking company in many ways, but one thing that continues to stand out time and time again is the way they fiercely protect their artists and their property.

This time, thankfully, the problem weren’t problematic fans or an outrageous invasion of privacy, but individuals pretending that copyright doesn’t exist in their world.

It is completely baffling how some people don’t respect somebody else’s intellectual property. Loving an artist and wanting to share your opinions and theories is one thing, trying to sell your subpar books on Amazon is another.

I, as an ARMY, don’t like to dwell on negativity more than necessary, so there is no need to shed light on the people guilty of these violations, Big Hit sure does know who they are. Instead, let’s watch this amazing speech by Bang PD in which he perfectly summed up his vision and mission as a CEO.

Big Hit will strive to resolve countless problems that the industry is currently facing and BTS will continue to try to break through the limits that people often say K-pop bands inevitably have.

What an amazing (business)man! We wish more CEOs cared for their artists the way he does.

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