Behind The Scenes Of X1 Album Photoshoot

X1 recently uploaded a behind-the-scenes video showing us the photoshoot that resulted in those amazing album photos.

To remind you, their album has two versions: 비상 (Emergency) – represents all of the members gathering with the same goal, while Quantum Leap represents them achieving that goal with a “leap”. This photoshoot was for the Quantum Leap version.

At the beginning of the video the two resident X1 cuties Dongpyo and Hyeongjun (seriously, their hyungs can’t get over their cuteness) are trying to explain the concept of the shoot. Despite using a lot of gestures and even some sound effects, they don’t feel like they explained it properly, so Hangyul and Seungyoun take over. Speaking of these two roommates, they didn’t stop playfully bickering for the rest of the video.

The rest of the video consists of the photoshoot itself, and it was very funny to see the boys looking serious and sexy while in front of the camera, and then acting so goofy when they stop shooting.

Hyeongjun showed us he was a man of many talents – he followed the other members around with a camera and did his own photoshoot. We’d say he has a back-up career, but let’s be real, he won’t need one.

Hopefully the boys will continue feeding us with this kind of content, because they are just too adorable!

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