Big Hit Rents Another Luxury Apartment

Earlier today, August 27, Biz.Hankook reported that Big Hit Entertainment has recently signed a new rental agreement with “Hannam The Hill” for a 4,5 billion won apartment (approximately 3,8 million USD). 

It is still unclear whether the apartment will be used by BTS or TXT but the contract length is set from May 30 this year to May 30, 2021

In 2017, following their breakthrough and major success in the US market, BTS moved to the most expensive residential area in Seoul – Hannam The Hill – where the agency rented a high-end apartment worth 8,2 billion won (approx. 6,7 million USD).  Unless extended, the contract for BTS’ apartment is set to expire on November 20, 2019.

With that information in mind, fans are now assuming that the new apartment is being used by Big Hit’s rookie group, TXT. 

If that’s true, they have it so much better than BTS when they were just getting started. Do you remember their humble beginnings? Oh well, not everyone can, or should, start from the bottom. 

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