BigHit Announces BTS’ “Extended Period Of Rest” And Why It Is A Good Thing

Less than an hour ago BigHit Entertainment tweeted the following:

ARMY’s reactions to this announcement are overwhelmingly positive, as they should be.

Ever since their debut in 2013, BTS barely took any time to rest and focus on themselves.

Those of you who managed to see Bring the Soul: The Movie can attest to the fact that the boys run themselves ragged for us, and it was high time that they took a break.

They left us with plenty of content to ease the pain of their absence from the public scene.

There is no doubt that the whole ARMY is wondering how long will this “prolonged period” exactly be, but it shouldn’t matter. When they are ready, they will return.

And come on, it’s RM and Suga we’re talking about. They live and breathe music, no one will keep them away from their studios.

On behalf of us at TheStandom, get some rest and eat well boys, you definitely deserved it!

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